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My name is Frank Gendusa and I was stationed in Argentia from May 1972-November 1973. I was an OT there. Lived in the Q and hung around with friends (Dave Kettering, Larry Popeck, Jethro Pugh, Woody Bowe, Dan Miller, Eric-can't remember his last name, and Ken Johnson) just to name a few. Played on the base Basketball Team (Seals) and got nicknamed "Hot Dog".  Loved it there! Met my wife Shirley (she worked as a lab tech at the Cottage Hospital in Placentia) and we have been married for 44 years. Love Newfoundland and its people. Shirley and I travel back to the ROCK every few years to visit with family. Please add me to your contact list. I will dig into the old photos and try to send them to you. Enjoyed the site, keep up the good work.

I was stationed there in 1956 through 1957 with VW-11.  Our crew might possibly have been the first one to fly THE BARRIER!  We arrived there sometime in early 1956, as I have a NAVY picture taken of our 17 member crew in front of a WV-2,and the date says 3 MAY 1956.  Our crew was 6 KNOTHOLE (that was our radio callsign).  Crew was: CDR Paradiso, LCDR LaPointe, LTJG Corbett, LTJG Smith, LTJG Burg, ENS Burns, Chief Deblin, AL1 Villiard, AL3 Perdaris, AT2 Wilcoc, AT2 Gonzales, AT3 Ianson, AT3 Jarbo, AC3 Rose, AC3 Perry, ACWAN Brittain and ACWAN Miller.  I still remember the first day we got there it was getting towards evening and it was just like a previous poster Willie Gronberg wrote.  We were taken to an old barracks and tried to get it straightened out so we could sleep in it.  It seemed like it was old and dusty and I keep thinking there will probably be a lot of spiders in this old building,  but thinking back on it now it was kind of hilarious.  I was 19 and certainly having an adventure in the Navy.  My E-mail is      Thanks for the memories.  Gary Rose 

What a wonderful site! I was stationed there as an OTA from 11/1984 - 11/1986. It was my first duty station & I loved it! Hiking at the Silver mines, broom ball, scuba diving (if you can dive there you can dive anywhere), the winter festival (mud wrestling), & great parties with great folks
Lori Luke (Dawson now)
I was stationed at Argentia from October 1962 to October 1964 attached to VW-13. The only US Naval Aviator to have a crew. I flew 200 barriers from Iceland. Please add my name to the list.
LCDR Donald A. Gilliamsen, USN(ret.)

1963-1965  Landed in Nov 1963, going sideways down the runway!  Best memories of my life were in Newfoundland, playing military music, and gigs on and off base.  Must have really liked the Rock, cause I be married to a Newfie for 48 years now.  My Newfie bride is from St Johns.  Love the Newfoundlander's, and never have met such a great, nice, warm bunch of folks, like the Newfies.
Glen Horsmann, MU2, Naval Unit Band #118.

My name is George Stegmeir. I was transferred from the USS Howard W. Gilmore to the Naval Station Argentia in May of 1955 as a Seaman Apprentice. I was part of the Naval Detachment that took over the base from the Air Force. After a tour as a mess cook, I ended up being promoted to Seaman and working in the Teletype Repair Shop, learning to overhaul and repair communication machines. I also played piano in a small dance combo that had 2 sailors and 3 Newfies. We played not only on the base, but in every little community on Placentia Bay that had more than 10 people. We would play not just for regular ball room type dancing but also for the Newfie Stomp- which was usually half of our gig.

Ultimately, I was able to get a recommendation from the Base Commander to take the examination for a Fleet Appointment to Annapolis, passed it, and was transferred to the Naval Academy Preparatory School at Bainbridge, Md. in August of 1956.

I drove to Newfoundland via Nova Scotia and the ferryboats in the Summer of 1996. I landed at Argentia and was so sorry to see that there was nothing left of the base or airfield except the old Quonset hut type drill hall and the runways. I remember when the Seabees extended them during the winter of 1955.

I found it interesting that nothing had really changed in St. Johns except that the people had lost most of their Newfie accents. I remember when it was so thick you had to be amongst the people for about a month before you could understand them.

Would like to hear from brothers of the Argentia Foreign Legion...ETN3 David Sanford 70-71. Argentia Drag Club member, Base Softball team, NavFac ETs football, volleyball, ETC Daughter born in St Johns.  Lots of fishing, cribbage on duty nights....remarkable tour of duty.
Great Site, Thanks!
     David Sanford

My name is Raymond L. Norwood, I was stationed at Argentia 1965-67. Argentia was my first duty station after boot camp and training for the rating of Aviation Machinist Mate. I was assigned to the Operations Maintenance Department. While assigned to Argentia I met and Married my wife Geraldine O’Toole from Renews in 1966. Argentia was one of my favorite duty stations during my 21 year Navy career.

Geraldine and I now have a summer home in Kingman’s Cove, Fermeuse, Newfoundland and spend about Four months of the year there, the remainder of the year we spend at our home near Henderson North Carolina.

I would like my information published on your site in hopes of finding an old shipmate or two.

Ray Norwood, ADCS USN Ret.

I was a dependent at NAS Argentia from 1962 to 1965. My mother, Elinor Holston, was a High School teacher at AL Bristol school. I have eagerly read many of the postings on these pages and have chcukled at the collection of Foghorn base paper. Many thanks to Manny LaPorte from VOUS for his collection of these papers. Manny, if you ever get to read this, perhaps you will remember me, or at least my sister Carole.

Best wishes to all. Tom Holston, ALBristol class of 1965.

I found your site completely by accident and am so glad I did. My name is C.M. Shotwell although I was known by my middle name of Mack. I was stationed there from 1979-1982 in the Generators bldg outside of the T-bldg. I didn't put two and two together until I saw your picture and your full name and then I realized who you were. I would like to be granted access to the site. There are many names there I remember that I haven't thought of in over..well let's just say a lot of years. Plus I'd like to see if anyone on the site has info about any of the other EN's I worked with. Thanks

Sincerely, C.M. "Shots" Shotwell (EN1, USN Ret)

I was a Navy Nurse stationed in Argentia from March 1969- March 1970. Quite an experience! I'll have to look for some old photos. My name then was Kathleen Hoffman. Have been mariried to Don Dietz (retired Navy) for 41 years. Thanks for the site, Kathleen.
I am a retired US Navy AEW & ASW aircrewman (ACICO and ECM/RDR/SS1) who "did time" @ Argentia from 1959-1963 and loved it, with deployments in VW 13 and 11 @ Keflavik, Iceland. Then for twenty years in the Naval Reserve, I transistioned to ASW in P2V-5s and 7s, and finally in P3s (A&B models) out of South Weymouth, Mass. and Brunswick, Maine. My grandmother, Louise Babstock, was born in Carbonear, Nfld., and she later imigrated to New England where she married a Dearness (her husband, Peter M. Dearness, or his dad, came from the Orkney Islands, Scotland. Please add me to the list. The site is great and I hope to add to it --- . I currently live in NH and recently got a personal tour @ Jacksonville and their new P8s (exterior only!), as well as the Kings Bay sub base just north of there in Georgia with the Boomers. Briefing only by PAO and a Nuclear Crew Officer, but NO photographs!!! I fly occasionally Space-A and have enjoyed flights around the world (Australia to Greece and a lot between)! ---Regards, Pete Dearness
I just came across your site and was happy to see all the post. I was stationed in Argentia from Nov'59 until Mar'62 with VW-11. I was stationed at Norfolk, Va. prior to being transferred to Argentia, one of my buddies was also transferred to Argentia, and was very excited when he thought he was going to Argentina, what a shock he got when he was told the difference. I worked in the personal office and was responsible for preparing flight orders and transfers. I was lucky to be assigned to Argentia because my Grandparents lived in Dunville just a few miles from the base. While stationed at Argentia I found the girl I would marry. We have been married for 51 years and still going strong. In 1988 we moved back to Nfld and sadly watched the base disappear. Looking forward to reading more posts and hope to heard from anyone stationed with VW-11 while I was there. 
 Jerry Davis
Thoroughly enjoyed your site, especially the pics--thanks for your efforts. I was stationed at the NAVFAC at "ARG" in 1967-68. Promoted to Chief Petty Officer and Warrant Officer during my tour, and have many great memories.
Thomas R Little, CWO4/STCM USN-RET
Good AM. I like your web site, I have just finished a book about the base at Argentia. I was stationed at the RATCC 15 1967-69 as an Air traffic controller I wish I could send you some Pic's but all were lost in a fire several years ago. I have an adopted son from Corner Brook, saw him on the St Johns TV station when he was only 2. Thank You for all the hard work you did and do on your site.
God Bless Capt. Bob Grant USN/MM ret.
I stumbled across your website and enjoyed myself for a few hours remembering my tour of duty there - 55 - 57. The pictures I have seen of Argentia is completely different than I remember - the only think that I remember well is Mae West. I was an ET -arrived as an E2 and left as an EE4. I spent most of my time, when on duty, at the transmitter facilities located at the Antenna Farm. - or traveling across the run way to visit the radio building. As I recall, we would request permission to cross the run way from the air tower. On one occasion we received permission and proceeded to cross the run way in our panel wvan but narrowly missed being hit by a landing constellation. It turned out that the permission we were granted, was from Gitmo Bay - Cuba - Some strange atmospheric conditions gave us better communications at that time with Gitmo Bay than we had with our own tower.

Please add my name to your list. I have lost contact with the friends I met during my time there. I only recall the first name of my good friend, Barry. We spent many hours hiking around the area during the warmer days. Perhaps some of the ET's and Radio men of that time will stumble across your website, as I have. I would like to reconnect if that happens. My email address is

Thanks, and keep up the web site going.  Dave Blanchard

My name is Thomas Stempek with my wife Annette and I was an MS stationed there from 79-83.  Thanks for putting together this site. If you have additional info on Patrick Reed, I would appreciate it. I reached out to him but have not received a response.
I left Argentia late 1959, I was there from 1957 with VW - 11. I was an AT2 Radar Div. Ray Highley , I flew as 1st Tech but I don't remember the crew number. I have been touch with Wendell Toby Ward, and Jim Gren (who has passed away). Toby lives in Alantia. I live in Frankfort, Kentucky and in Louisville Carl Pettijean. I did over 3000 hours on the barrier. I would like to find Gayland Hanson (Utah ?), Bill Morrow ( South Carolina). Or anyone in VW-11 between 1957-1959. Ray Highley 
My name is Mike Baron and I was stationed at the NavFac from '64 to '67 Lived on base for a while and the went home and got married and lived off base. Had a great time in Newfoundland. Would like to hear from anyone who I might have been stationed with.

Thanks, Mike

My Name is Vaynetta. I love your site. I was stationed at the base from 1985-1987. I have a lot of pictures but many of the names escape me. I was young when i arrived and had not gone to A-school. I worked in security my entire tour there and went to A-school when i left crossing over to aviation. I would love to touch base with those who were stationed there during that time.

Thanks again, Vaynetta "Graves" Lozada

I was a Radioman stationed at Arg from 78 - 81.  Recognize some names on the site.

Thanks, Matt Whitney

You have an outstanding web site. I started deploying to Argentia with VW-15 Nov. 1960 and was transferred to VW-11 in April 1961, then back to VW-13 when they were moved to Argentia. My wife was pregnant when I received my orders to Arg and it was quite a long waiting list for housing so we moved the family (wife and three boys) to Indiana. When my daughter was born in 1961 I was deployed to Keflavik, Iceland. When I returned to Argentia I caught a flight to NAS Norfolk then a Train ride to Indiana for a short leave. When time came to return there were no military flights available so I bought a train ticket from Michigan to North Sidney, Novascotia, crossed to Port Au Basque and rode the Newfie Bullet to St. Johns Nfld. I then rode a taxi to Argentia. A Great trip. Other than the separation from the family the tour was fantastic. Great friends, good fishing and many great USO shows, Bob Hope included. I flew as first tech on around 180 barriers out of Newfoundland and Iceland. I retired in October 1970 as an ATCS. Thanks for the great memories.

Don Hoover

I was at Argentia Navy Base from 12/75 to 4/77. I was a MS2 working as a meat cutter at the commissary store. I also work as cook at the EM club.
William (Bill) Lukonis
I was in the US Navy from 1983-1994. During 1986-8 I was stationed at NAVFAC Argentia and detached to the Navy Broadcasting Facility for AFRTS. I was a Journalist 3rd Class Petty Officer (JO3). I wish I had pictures and things but most of my things were destroyed in a fire at the storage facility I had them in a few years back. But, I came across your site through the NAVFAC Argentia site on Facebook and thought I could at least submit my contact information and perhaps if anybody wants to contact me. Thank you.
JO2 Rod Simmons, USN (ret.)
I was stationed in Argentia from 81’ – 84’.. I worked in the generator building at the t-bldg compound.. I was an engineman. My email address is if you could please add me I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Steve Heckman
Going through my fathers thing I found a Certificate of The Brotherhood of Argentia Foreign Legion 1956 - 1957 has name was Ray L. Morris. Please add him to your list, he was in the U.S. Navy

Thank You,  Samuel Morris

My dad, Richard Byers was the Admin Officer in Argentia in the early 70's so I went to ALB for my 6, 7, and part of 8th grade years. I am thinking it was 73 to 75 or so. I'd love to be subscribed to your site, please?   Sara E. Byers Roeper
Thanks for the Argentia page. If you still maintain it please add my name. Larry Shaffette I was stationed there from 1970 - 76. I worked at the AFRS radio station, and at the Air field when a plane would come in. Thanks again. Larry Shaffette
I was stationed at the Argentia NAVFAC from Feb1972-June 73. It was my best tour of duty in the Navy. I still keep up with about 10 of the people I was stationed there with. I googled Argentia tonight and found your website. Thanks.  Sam Boger
I really appreciate what you have done with your site. I was in Arg twice, 72 – 75 as a dependent of my Dad, ATC Doyle May, and then I went back from 81 – 84 as EO2 David May. I was in the Public Works Department, Transportation Division, many glorious nights sanding / salting roads or plowing snow, and loved it all. I recognize a few names on the email list and am just enjoying some fond memories of a great place and some great people. I finished my Seabee Career after 21 years and retired in Charleston, SC. I still work construction, estimating and project managing for a General Contractor. Please add me to the email list as

Thank you, David May

Thank you so much for the wonderful website for those of us who lived in Argentia! My father, Jerry F. Wilson served there during '65-'67. I started first grade at ALB and hold those years of living there as my most memorable. I have tried for years to reconnect with some school classmates but seems none of them are on any of the sites I have visited. Would you please add my name and years spent there to the list?

Sheila Wilson (married name: Streckert). 1965-1967

I found your site while I was looking for old friends from NAS Argentia. My father (Master Chief Paul D. Grimes) was stationed at Argentia from 31 Oct. '62 to 3 Jan. '64. I was in the 7th and 8th grades there at ALBristol. I saw Manny LaPort's pictures and was sooo happy. I and all my girlfriends were in love with his voice, and we called in requests every Sat. night when he sent out dedications on his "Saturday Night Special" show.
Diana Grimes

Initially, I was lived off base in the small fishing village of Placentia and then we moved to the on base officer's housing on the hill just above the old BOQ/Q. We bowled every Saturday to the sounds of the Beetles as they were "invading" the US continent.  I DJ'd a show with another teenager, guy,  on Armed Forces Radio and Television services once a week. We were there when JFK was shot - they cancelled our holiday event so although young, I remembered this especially.

 Also, although I didn't get the consequence of this then, the Argentia base lost three to four of its military commanders (several of the services were on the base - Marines, Navy, Seabees, Air Force, etc.) at one time in a helicopter accident in which they had gone on a fishing trip.

Are there any treasure troves of pictures of that area - Placentia or even more of the older ones of the original base in 1962-1964 when my family was located there?

Hope to hear from you,  Dee Lewis

I have been trying my best to get in touch with some of my crew members that I flew with in VW- 11. Not having much luck. I went to Argentia from Glynco, Ga. in Nov. 1958. I flew with crew 11 from Nov. 1958 til Nov. 1960. I did have a stop of mess cooking at the base hospital for 6 weeks in 1959. Have been leaving messages on different web sites but have only had contact with one crew member that I lived with in the crew room, he is flight electrician, Robert Teichert who is from Mass.

Bert, I would like to see a web site set up where crew members could list the time periods and crew that they flew with. I think there are lots of sailors out there that would like to identify the crew that they flew with.

I enjoyed your web site, especially the pictures of Argentia. I didn't take many pictures and forgot the names of twenty some people I flew with. Now that I'm 72 years old I'm sorry for that. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I went by the nickname of Rip ACW- 3, crew -11 2nd floor. Please add my email to your list.

I didn't realize how dangerous the north Atlantic barrier was until I read about it recently. When you are 19 years old nothing seems to bother you. I do remember several accidents and the G C A landings. I flew almost 2,000 hours with VW- 11 & VW- 15. I was discharged from P River, Md when VW-15 was decommisioned in Apr 1961. I also went to A school in Norman, Okla. & Glynco, Ga.

Bob ( Rip) Carico ACW- 3

I was stationed at Marine Barracks from Nov.. 1955 until May 1957. I have returned several times and even lived in St. John's from Nov. 2001 till Sept. 2003. Love the Rock!

Richard J. Harvey     Web

My father, James Robert Penman, brought our family of 5 children to Argentia in July of 1961 and it has always been one of the most wonderful memories of my life. He managed the Enlisted Men’s club and often brought home those young men and women to share holidays with us. Once he tied all the big toes together of the sailors who were sleeping on our living room floor on Christmas Eve. My mother’s name was Katy and my sister, Sherry, was quite popular with those young guys…I was just a bit too young.

It’s amazing to know how many others share such wonderful memories of The Rock.

Tammy Grove e-mail

I was stationed at Argentia for 41/2 years from 1988 - 1992. I have a lot of great memories form NFLD I ended up getting of of the Navy and staying in Canada. I now live in New Brunswick. I did go back right before the base was shut down but it was sad to see the place with so few people. Thanks very much for starting winter Carnival. I can be reached at

Thanks OTM1(SW) Greg Davis

I was a dependent born July 6th 1952 in the St. John's Navel Air Station Infirmary my farther was an Air Force Chaplin stationed there 51, 52, 53 my brother was also borne there in 53. contact me at my home address which is  

Jesse Meerdink

Stumbled on the web site while killing some time today. Man, what a trip down memory lane. I was stationed there from late 77 through 1978. My wife, Sue, transferred in in 1978. My most vivid memory was, I believe, the 1978 ORI when our watch section led it of with the ORI picnic. Greeted the ORI team with the 1812 ovature as they came in the door and had a buffet set up for breakfast. :-) The best part though was the look on their faces when they were greeted by my wife how had seen most of them at the Cape Hatteras ORI the week before (she was visiting me for a couple weeks before going to school in CA before her transfer to Arg).

Chip Charnley, OT

I am Robert Day Sr was stationed Argentia Nov 59 - May 61 in VW-11 I was an AT2 flying as 1st tech crew 8 at one time.  Married a Girl from St Johns Dec 1960, we try to make it back to Newfoundland every couple of years to visit with family.
I found your site about Argentia on geocities, and found it quite interesting.  I was stationed there in 1962-63.  We went back in 2003 on the Nova Scotia to Argentia Ferry in our motorhome, and toured the area, then the whole island.  That part of the trip is at:
Joe T. Reeves

Bert, just wanted to say what a nice surprise to find your work when I was on a nostalgia surf the other night. My name is Patrick Reed and I was stationed in Arg 81-84. I was an MS there at the Q (MSSN-MS2) and met some of the nicest folks imaginable. I’ve stayed in touch with a few but naturally lost touch with most. If anyone would like to reminisce etc. I’m at and live/work in Virginia Beach, VA. Would love to reconnect with some old (older now!) folks! Is Gordie Wheaden (Canadian Forces),  Leith Spieden (BU), Ralph & Sharon Twydell, Tom Stempek,  still out there somewhere?
Patrick K. Reed   

Thanks for hosting this site, is is a real trip down memory lane. I was an OT stationed at arg for July 74 to July 76.
I will go throught my pictures in the near future and see if I have good ones to add.
Best Regards,    Mark Gadomski
I have just learned about your Web site. I was stationed in Arg from 70 to 73. I am married to a sweet young lady from St.Johns in 71. I was also on the Navy rowing team that won the Placentia and St. Johns regatta.
Please add my name and e-mail address to your list.
Thanks     Dan Martin
I was looking on the website for Argentia. I would like to be added to the list I was stationed there from Dec. 1980 - July 1982. I worked at the generator plant for the T- Building and then at the Northeast Arms Camp. I enjoyed my time there and also played on the base softball team. We went around playing against the local teams and also in Mary's Town.  
Thank You  John Zastrow
First of all thank you for your great website, and for giving us the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and reminisce about our time in Argentia. My family and I lived there between 1975 and 1977. My father Jon was a dentist and worked at the BOQ with fellow dentist Mike Linebaugh who has since passed away. My mother's name is Heloise and my siblings are Mary Katherine "Kathy" and Paul. I must say that our two years in Newfoundland were two of the happiest of my life, and I immensely enjoyed the campouts with the Boy Scouts (thanks to Mr. O'Donnell, our leader), and fishing and picking blueberries in the bogs. Please include my comments with the others, and make this e-mail address available as well. I hope to hear from any old friends and acquaintances.
David Luton
Thank you so very much  for putting up the site on geocities.  I saw a number of familiar names.  I was stationed at NAVFAC Argentia from 1974 thru 1977 in the Tech Control section of the communications department as an RM2.  Argentia was absolutely the best duty station of my 24 year career. Please add my name and email to your list.
Thank you,
Richard Rose, CWO, USN, Retired
I enjoyed your site...interesting to see some many people there through the years. I was a Radioman stationed in the T Bldg...many good memories of Arg...hunting, fishing, partying....thanks for the walk down memory lane. John Ferguson
I was in VW-15 & VW-13 with 3500 hours flying in Willie Victors out of Argentia. I was up there for 5 months with VW-15 from November 1957 until March of 1958. With Vw-13 we deployed to Argentia  two weeks up and two weeks back to Pax River from then until 1961.
Bob Sheridan
ps: remember 9/11
I was looking at your website and was thrilled to see so many comments from people stationed there during the time my father Robert Sannes was stationed there. He was a seabee.   I was born at the base hospital in 1954.  I would really like to hear from anyone stationed there at that time who might have known Him or my mother Avanel Sannes.  My dad died in an accident driving a catapiller while clearing some property in Seattle WA in 1955 so I never had a chance to really know him.  Your website is wonderful. Thanks for your time.
Regards,  Joan Gray  
I was there from 1982-1984 and served as the Ops QA Chief and eventually the Ops Chief.  Served with a lot of these fine folks here in Arg and other IUSS locations throughout my career.  Currently retired and trying to complete my 2nd career now.  Sue and I live in Louisville, KY and are still kicking and raising a little he** now and then.  Kids are grown of course; Chris is a teacher in Birmingham, AL, Randi is a civilian (and AF Reserve) fireman in Iraq, and Ben is an HM2 (FMF) stationed at Camp Pendleton, also 2008 SOY for 3rd MarDiv.  If you have the time, drop a line, love to hear what's up with everyone. 
Doug Devers
Hi Bert, saw Argentia back in the fifties . was stationed on the Thomas J Gary 326 out of Newport R I. We used to refuel there on our way to our picket station. . We were allowed to go to the ships store while there. I still have a lighter with  the base logo on it. Il live in Atlantic City NJ now. Great site Good luck  Enoch Johnson
It was interesting to read your site and reminisce about the times I spent there. I was stationed at the NAVFAC from April 1971 to May 1973 as a third class petty officer (OT3) and then promoted to second class (OT2) during my stay. I spent time in the BOQ and also in married housing. I also attended St. John's Memorial University for the two years I was there. Please add my email address to your list and I will try to get some photo's to you from my archives.

Bill Roberts

Hi. My Name is Mark S Moran. I was stationed NAVFAC Argentia from Jan82 - Aug83 as a USN Dental Technician. As they say, "you never forget your first" it is true. This was my first and one of the most memorable duty stations. I met, and still have, good friends from that time. I worked and played(HARD) with some great people. Met and lost my first True Love. A Canadian Forces girl. Seeing the pictures on your website brought back some great memories. Looking forward to hearing from some old NAVFAC ARG/NFLD friends.

I was stationed at Argentia from October 1974 to June 1976. I worked at generators near the communication station for a short while. I remember a Steve Berryhill, Lynn Swan, Tyrone Watson, Bob LaFave, McCoy and Cody. I had to do 90 days out at Northeast Arms Camp. I worked with George Crout, Dave Steward, Ray Morgan ( a Newfoundlander) , Brian Hatfield( a Newfoundander), Frank Boulch, Dave Baty and I knew Ron Cooper. Johnny Seay ran the camp. I played on the Argentia Seals Basketball teams of 1974-75 and 1975-76 . I knew a Doug Record, Bruce Williams, TJ Harris, Roger Martin, Chris Weigel, who also played on the basketball team. Please write me at this mailing address: Lenn Perry, PO Box 335, Cedar Springs, Michigan, 49319 for I change my email a lot.  Lenn
I would like to join this email list to comment on your website.  My father commanded the US Marine Corps detachment at Argentia and officiated at the Argentia base's opening in January 1941.  My mother, my sister and I (then 11 years old) arrived to join my father on Memorial Day, 1941, in a snow storm.  We lived at first with most personnel on the Richard Peck, an old Hudson River steamer that had been towed up to provide living quarters for service personnel and their dependents.  We were there in August when the US and British navies escorted Roosevelt and Churchill for their famous North Atlantic meeting.  We move into the new BOQ in about September.

What an outstanding site!  I was stationed in Argentia from 1984-1987 and worked for the Navy Broadcasting Service.  I did a lot of things there but my "10 minutes of fame" came from being on the radio every morning hosting the morning show.  If I recall, I broadcast on 1420 a.m.  I'm still on active duty (26 years now) and still remain in close contact with then Senior Chief Randy Kafka, as well as a few others from that era.  I wish Argentia were still open as I'd love another tour there.  I have so many vivid memories - from going to sea on the Morgan Star, to playing hockey for three years on the "north" side, to rowing in regattas, to hiking to the silver mines - so many great things and great people.  The trips to St. Johns were always memorable - the St. Johns harbor was like a postcard.  I was, unfortunately, also there in December 1985 when the Gander crash happened.  That was an ugly chapter of my life as I was one of the first people on scene after that horrific plane crash.  Interestingly enough, I managed to see the Gander Memorial in late 2006 when a plan I was on landed in Gander for refueling.  We had a three-hour layover and I persuaded an airport security person to take me to the site at 3 a.m.  It was eerie.  For most of my time there I lived in the "Q" - until I was married and moved up to 10-hundred housing.  My neighbor was the GMC (I forget his name) and the PC1 lived at the other end of our quad.  LLieutenant Commander Dave Ganderton was the CO of the Canadian Forces and he lived just down the street - and our neighbors across the street were MAC Dale and Rose Vance.  The "Snow King" was Bill Griffits.  I could go on and on about those three years but I'll close by saying that I feel very fortunate to have been lucky enough to serve in paradise.  I was always a cold-weather person since I was raised in the Midwest.  Someday I'll get back up to Newfoundland to take a look at what has transpired since they closed the naval facility.  I know I have  a lot of pictures - just have to dig them out of my old sea chest.  THANK YOU for hosting this site.  I find the comments amusing and it's good to revisit a part of my past that I consider absolutely fantastic!

 CMDCM(SW/AW) Gregg Snaza, Command Master Chief, Naval Station Norfolk

My name is Mike Thompson AKA Turkey. I was stationed at the NAVFAC in 1972/ 1973. I remember great times at the Windjammer club. I also remember many fun times at Site Sam. I would love to have my named added to the E-mail list you have posted. I have just found out some sad news about a very dear friend I was stationed with in Arg. Gary Given 73/75 passed away two years ago. I am sure some of the people on the E-mail list will remember Gary. He was a corpsman. Would also love to hear from some old friends. Mike
Thank you for your site.  It sure has brought many a memory back to me.  My husband was stationed in Agrentia in Feb 1960 till Feb 1962.  He came home for a 2wk leave in Aug of 1960.  We were married and he went back to Argentia.  I came up on a visitor visa in Dec.  I was pregnant with our first child.  Our son was born on Jan 5th and died later that day.  I stayed with my husband in Newfoundland until 1962.  
While we were in Newfoundland we lived on Jerseyside for a few months, than moved to Palentcia.  We rented from the Patterson's.  Bill and Miss Annie lived just outside of town.  Their son lived in town with his eight - I think children.  They lived right next door to us.  We lived in the lower apartment.  A couple Walt and Helen (can't remember their last name) lived upstairs.  Our apartment was right across from the Catholic church & priests home.    In our apartment we had two navy cots ( rented from the navy relief) and a table and two chairs.  I had a wash board to wash our clothes on.  Later we were able to get a ringer washer.  We also had a 2 burner hot plate to cook on.  Also, we had a wood box on the outside of our kitchen window for an ice box.  It worked well as long as the ferrel cats didn't get into it.  We heated with a fuel oil burner in the living room.  There were days you could sit on the top of it , with it turned as high as you darned turn it, and not burn your hiney.  Oh, those were the days.  My check from the Navy was $91.30 a month.  That's what we had for a months worth of food.  Dick's check paid the rent and utilities.  But, I think as I look back on it.  Those were the happiest days of our life.
We went to the movies at the community building -- you had to take your own chair.  We would have two or three couples go and we would walk down the street carrying our dining room chairs.  LOL  We didn't live to far from the Mounties.  Now there is  a great law system.  Those guys never missed a thing that was going on in their small town.  They were a great munch of men.
Again, thank you for your site.  I will be checking back in time to time.  Want to see if any of our old gang shows up.  I can only remember a few names. Richard "Dick" Brush, John Kearney.  George and Rosemary Mullins were a few.  Add our e-mail address to your list.   That is for Richard S. King and Gloria   May God bless your endeavour. 
Enjoyed your site....particularly Larry Creel's photos. The North Rec Hall was my home for 18 months as I was a trumpet player in Unit Band 118 that was housed in the North Rec building. The band played the USO show that featured Connie Francis.  That was in Dec of 1957.
Believe it or not but all the band ever did in Argentia was play in the clubs and more often than not we were paid $2.50 an hour!  We did have to clean the movie theatre.
Many thanks,
Kirby H. McClain, Musician 3rd class
Ladysmith, VA
Thanks for this terrific site.  Brought back many memories.  I was a Navy corpsman at the base hospital, 1959-1961.  Worked in the operating room and delivery room with our obstetrician, Dr. John Madry. Also worked in the emergency room with Dr. Chandler and Dr. Bateman.  Comedian Bill Cosby was a roommate in our sleeping quarters at the hospital.  He was a dental tech.  I have met him several times since our Navy days.
Having assisted at many baby deliveries I wonder if there are any folks out there who were bornat Argentia  during that period.  I have some funny stories about life at the base hospital.  We had a "cracker box" ambulance that was fitted out as a mini emergency room.  Made many trips to Placentia to deliver babies on site.  In a few cases we had to deliver in the homes due to poor weather conditions.  We also helped out at the cottage hopsital  in that village.
I also worked part-time at VOUS the base radio station.  That led me to a short career in broadcasting in the New York City area while attending college.  Was also the "MPO", (motion picture operator), at the BOQ, the "Argentia Hilton".  Got paid $3.00 per movie and all the free drinks I could handle thanks to the generosity of some medical officers.
Thanks again for the memories.  I hope to visit "The Rock" this summer.
Ted Webb
I was born at the US Navy Hospital, Argentia in March of 1960. My Dad was stationed there and he and my Mom moved from South Carolina to the cold north! I have never been to the Island but my wife and I are planning a trip there next year. Any idea if the hospital or any of the facilities other than the airfield are still around?

Thanks in advance for the help!       Frank Braddock

I was stationed at the Naval Air Station from January1952 to September.1953. I was one of the  barbers at north rec building.
George Gera
Mahwah, NJ   Phone: 201-529-4729

I was stationed at Argentia with VW-11 from 1957-59.  In the summer of 1979 my wife and I flew our Cessna 172 from Missouri to North Sydney where we boarded the ferry to Argentia.  I have numerous pictures taken in 1957-59 and in 1979 if you would be interested. 
Dr. Solon Earl Haynes

Thoroughly enjoyed your site and the memories it revived


I was stationed at the NavFac from late 1969 to mid 1971.  It was quite a shock going from San Salvador, Bahamas to Argentia, Newfoundland.  I remember the flight from McGuire AFB like it was yesterday.  The descent into Arg included going through a snow shower over the open water,  with the plane bouncing around until hitting clear air at the lower altitudes.  I was wondering what I had gotten myself into.


This southern boy (Baton Rouge, LA) had never seen so much snow.  The first time driving in a blowing snow storm, I tried using high beams for a better view.  Big mistake!  It looked like a solid wall in front of me.  Quickly found out that high beams in a snow storm were worse than trying to use high beams in a thick fog rolling in off the Mississippi river.  The drive up the hill from the O Club to the Q also became an adventure during a particularly cold evening.  Ice on the roadway prevented my VW beetle from making any headway and I ended up driving on the shoulder which was crushed stone.


The sight of ice slush forming along the coast in front of the NavFac was interesting enough to me, but imagine my shock at seeing a Pontiac cutting across a frozen Northeast Arm.  On mentioning this to a local bye’, he tried to reduce my concern by telling me it was safe and  informed me that “we only lose a couple in most winters”.  Never knew if he was pulling my leg or telling me the truth. 


The pictures of the “Q” brought back many memories.   The 2nd floor bar, Tommie, real scrambled eggs for breakfast in the mess (could only get powdered eggs on San Salvador),  waking up on summer mornings to the sounds of flocks of crows between the hillside and the Q and many others too numerous to name.  One particularly annoying memory was of the song “Put A Little Love in Your Heart” by Jackie DeShannon.  It was played over and over in the bar.  That song became so imbedded in my mind that it was years before I could sit in a quiet setting without the melody crashing into my thoughts.  “Rose Garden” by Lynn Anderson was a close second in this category.


The “O” club down the hill was the scene of many entertaining evenings.  The fresh lobsters straight from the docks, great roast beef cut from the leg as you watched, George at the bar and numerous  parties and other functions.  One incident was the Navy Day ball in 1970(?).  The kitchen had baked a large cake with copious amounts of icing.  Cutting honors went to the base XO I believe, who used his sword to do the  initial slicing.  He turned the sword over to either Tommy or George who then returned it to the scabbard along with the accumulated gobs of icing.  The dull “thunk” as the blade hit bottom resulted in sharp gasps all around.  Always wondered how he cleaned the mess.


Drives into St. John on the off days was a popular activity.   It was always fun to watch the rush to the gates when a snow warning was expected.   No one wanted to get restricted to base if a heavy storm came in.


Thanks to the ST’s (later (OT’s), ET’s and all the others who helped make the Facility a top-notch organization.


Thanks for the opportunity to ramble on.  Please add me to your list. 

Sibby Bourgoyne 


I saw your site and my dad, Mac McClellan wanted me to post some info just in case someone would like to contact him.  He did engine build ups for willie victors and knew some people in VW13 as well but has trouble remembering names.  I was born in Argentia in May 1965-apparently during a shop party as he arrived @ the hospital w/ some of his buddies. My mom's name was Marion (she just passed this month), my brothers are Steve, Ron, and a sister Karen.  There is some background so please contact me if you have any info.  I know almost nothing of Argentia so all input is appreciated.
Thank you for your site and hopefully someone will know him.
Best regards,
Shawn McClellan
My name is Ray Sheldon and my dad was stationed at NAS Argentia in and around 1952-54. I started school up there and caught my first fish with my big brother on the docks. I am getting information from my sisters now and will let you know some more stuff. I remember living in apartment buildings next to warehouses. Dad was a CPO in air traffic control. I do know we have movies of when we were up there and not sure if my sister put them on VHS tapes, but will find out and if so I can put them on DVD and send you one. I was born in Coco Solo, Panama when dad was stationed down there in 47, but I have a picture of my dad in his CPO uniform next to the car with Newfoundland tags 53. We lived off base at first, not sure but will let you know, but I remember pouring my dad a cup of coffee where we lived and burned my hand, of course mom puts butter on it. Then off we go to the base movies. The rec building I also remember, as I would go to the "Head" and run cold water over my hand to make it fell better. Lots of memories.
Thanks. Ray Sheldon
UT1 Charles S. (Scott) Smith 1971-75.  Daughter Jessica born July 5, 1971, she was the last baby born in the "Q", from then on they were sent to St. Johns.
Scott Smith
My name is Arthur Rafferty and I was a Radioman Third Class stationed at the NavFac from Jan 1969 to Jun 1970. I was there for both Woodstock and the first moon landing. There were lots of great memories including getting stuck at the NavFac for 2+ days in a snowstorm, seeing a whale in the harbor while I was fishing off the pier, playing hockey on roller skates at the gym, and many many nights hanging out in the EM club and bowling alley sucking down cool ones and dropping coins in those slot machines. And the wind...I'll never forget the wind. I still have a penny that was flattened by the Newfie Bullet as a souvenir. Some of the guys I worked with were Bill Theiler, Buddy Stelmach, Dan (Doc) Phelps, Ronald Rich, Bob Perry, John Kearns, Dave DeFrank, Ray Jordan, and Bill Stout.      Thanks,  Art
Some of the best days of my life were spent in Newfoundland while I served in FASRON 106 during 19557 and 1958 and made many wonderful friends there, some endure to this day. So many of these great folks I have been able to find as a result of your website.
Ken Erickson, USN-RET
I found your site while surfing the net. My father was stationed in Argentia from 1953-1955. My mother and sister joined him and I was born on the Naval Base, June 1954. My dad was a butcher and we lived off base. His name is Alfonso Formisano. My parents have very fond memories of the time they spent there and made some life-long friends. My godparents were a couple who were also in the navy, Anthony and Annemarie Dastoli. Their daughter was also born there. We have tons of photos and even movies of that amazing place. My dad lives in New York, but sadly my godfather passed away a few years back.
 I'd love to hear from anyone who was there during this time. I hope to make a trip this summer with my dad and my sister.
Kathryn Formisano
My name is Frank Leonard and I was a PC1 stationed at the Post Office from 1978 to 1981.  It was great to find this site and it brought back many memories.  Glad to see Gary Wessel is still alive and kicking.  Gary and I were stationed together in Charleston, S.C. before Argentia.  I remember the Winter Carnival very well.  I had entered the talent competition as a soloist with my guitar and sang a Jim Croce tune.  Unfortunately I lost to a group of "Peanuts".  That was pretty funny.  My son was born in St. Johns and still tells everyone he's a genuine "Newf".  Anyway, I have nothing but good memories of there and this site brought back even more memories.  Anyone wanting to talk about old times, just email me at and be glad to look at the memories....
What a pleasant surprise to find my old stompin' grounds..I was stationed in Argentia from Jan 1957 thru Jan 1959.I was the Station Mgr at VOUS the 1480 spot on your radio dial. I kept in touch with my fellow broadcasters Bill Westbrook, Rae Caldiero, and Joe Stuart. Bill passed on last year.
My son Kerry was born May 1 1958 at the Argentia Naval Hospital and  delivered by Jennie Rosenkrantz.....Argentia was one of the most pleasant experiences of my life with the fondest of memories...I was a young Architect at the time and a swabbie (SV3) serving a two year stint. While there I became close friends to the marine provost marshal
Col Carl Walker and designed his home in Bend Oregon. He retired in '59. Also kept in touch with and remained close friends with CDR Dick Chamberlain VW13 (the "Bear") and his co-pilot Harry Hoak ( Harry "the Horse") navigator James B. Sifnas who subsequently married a Newfie from St. John....also Virge Gonsaves pilot with Chamberlain.So many memories ...would love to hear from friends and teammates of the time.
Robert K.
Bert... Came across the Navy Base site. I was stationed there from 1962-1965. Married a Smith girl from Freshwater.Left there with a wife, a baby and a Volkswagen. Now living in Washington State. I was attached to the AMD Hangar. Any old shipmates out there. Would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is :

Thanks   Bill "Flash" Gordon

Hi Mr. Bert Campell,

I’m Mark Christensen, former OT2, stationed at the Navfac 1975 to 1980.  My wife, Mary,  and I lived in married housing.  Mary ran the ceramic shop for a few years.  I walked the T Bldg  floor for about two years then went into analysis for the last few years. We got married in between boot camp and Key West A school.  Always said that we honeymooned in Key West for four months.  We spent 4 ½ years at the base.  Our son was born in St Johns.  The time there was unique.  We got to know a lot of great people, both military and Newfie.   I’ll have to dig up some photos and the base book, to jog some more memories.
Thanks for putting this site together.  Some of the names are familiar.  The photos are good memory jogger.  I checked Argentia on Google Earth.  There’s a few building left.

I’ll keep checking back. Mark Christensen 

Hi Bert : I was with the Marines at Argentia in 1967. Used to stand guard at the main gate , boy was that fun.A lot of good memories. My name is Mike Pope and I was there
I found your site while surfing the net. My father was stationed in Argentia from 1953-1955. My mother and sister joined him and I was born on the Naval Base, June 1954. My dad was a butcher and we lived off base. His name is Alfonso Formisano. My parents have very fond memories of the time they spent there and made some life-long friends. My godparents were a couple who were also in the navy, Anthony and Annemarie Dastoli. Their daughter was also born there. We have tons of photos and even movies of that amazing place. My dad lives in New York, but sadly my godfather passed away a few years back.
I'd love to hear from anyone who was there during this time. I hope to make a trip this summer with my dad and my sister.
Kathryn Formisano
I was surfing the net and decided to search Argentia, Newfoundland and came across your site.  I thought it was great and searched for names of fellow Marines that I might have known while stationed there.  Your site brought back a lot of fond memories.  I arrived in Argentia 29 August 1964 and left on 1 January 1966.  I was with the second platoon and our living quarters were above the Blue Room so even in un climate weather we never had to go outside to enjoy the Blue Room.  Had many great times there listening to Tony (Cash) Collins.  I have a few pictures of the base that I would gladly send you if you would like them.  Let me know.    My name is William P. Dackermann, I was a PFC there on guard duty for a few months and then became the guard clerk.  A job I enjoy as it kept me out of the winter weather and I got to get to know everyone in first platoon.  There isn't much else to say right now except I'd hope I can get in touch with a few names that I have seen and they were stationed there at the same time I was.  Again, thanks for the site, it's great.
Semper Fi.
William P. Dackermann (Dack)
I would like to log in to Argentia Newfoundland website:
 Chris Romig  1981-1985   

I was stationed at the Argentia Naval Station from late 1978 to late 1980.  I worked at the front desk and then in the photo lab.  I took most of the photos that have been published in the cruise books from that time of the Winter Festivals.
I was devastated to learn from your site that they blew up the Q.  Was the 1000 man barracks and the other historical World War II bunkers destroyed as well?
Speaking of cruise books, I left $20.00 and got a receipt for the cruise book that I helped put together in 1980.  It was to be published in early 1981 after I left and one was supposed to send me one, but never did get it.  Any way you know of that I can get a copy of the book?  I have been trying many sites to obtain one but with no luck in all these years.
The Veteran’s Day parade is about to come by so I have to go.  Please help with this if you can.  I will see about scanning the photos I took while there and sending them to you.

Charlene Craig

Hello Bert:

I found an interesting photo of the former Naval Station Argentia titled "Panoramio Photo of Naval Station Argentia" by Randy Brennan. The panoramic view appears to be fairly current. I recognized the former Mess Hall/Windjammer Club and the Bristol School. If anyone is interested in viewing the photo the web site is: I check your Argentia web site occasionally - keep up the good work!

Quentin Pfutzenreuter 1964-66

Hi Bert....I was stationed at NAVFAC Argentia in 93-94 as a SKSN. I had a great time and have many good memories from there. I enjoy the site and reading all the other comments. It seems everyone ever stationed there enjoyed it.

Ray Lemmeier

Hi Mr Campbell, found your site while searching Argentia. And it is a great site. I have many friends that I've met while growing up in
Dunville, NL. It brings back so many great memories. I spent 21 years in NL and now i have been a few years off the island 22 to be exact.
I married a Army brat and we have been together 20 years now and 2 children later. We just retired in Greenwood NS.
I was checking your site for friends from Argentia NL who went to School at St Martin's and Grace Elementary in Dunville.
We met great people from the Base but over the years have lost touch. Can you please add my e mail to your site..

Sandra Manning-Logan

Hi Bert-Great website you have created. I was stationed at the NavFac 1963-1965. Took a training flight on an Argus in the winter of 1965. We flew to Summerside, spent the night and flew a mission the next day. What an experience, sat in the observation seat under the pilot and co-pilot. Mast top flying and I didn't lose breakfast. They tried their best. Flew back to Argentia that evening. We had the CO of Summerside aboard, on our final approach as we were about to touch down, the pilot  took off, we were told we were going back to Summerside. It was a typical snow storm at Argentia , but because we had the Captain aboard they turned back. I couldn't see a light from Argentia, that is how bad the snow was coming down. The Argus was a wonderful plane and we had a great crew.
             The crew at Summerside treated us wonderfully and we all partook of vast quantities of booze out in town. The return to  Summerside was for a few days, and that was all fun and games. Keep up the good work with the website. Great memories of a super country and people.
                                                      Gary Henry, STG3,USN
                                                       Rockland, Maine
Hello Bert!

Wow! What a surprise! Stumbled on your site. I was in VW-13 flying Willy Victors on the Barrier from, I guess July '59 'til I drove back to the States in May '62. Currently living in Berkeley CA, I believe I have a raft, or at least a small dinghy of color slides from some hikes I took then. As I go through some of the photos on your board, I really want to find mine and get 'em to ya, man.

One spot I recall as unusual, had some gear scattered at an entery to a cave or excavation. I assumed an old mining effort. It was on a walk I took, don't think it was a very travelled way, but I was going north on the east side of the facilities, up to the water where Mae West was more or less west of me. I was perhaps half mile east of the Station, maybe two or so hundred yards up from the water. Maybe not that far, about 50-100 feet above the water. By now, it may have become known, or rustled off. Or, maybe it was of significance only to a bright eyed ensign, first time out of the country.

I'll see what I can find. In Dec. will be head back East, to Boston, for 3 weeks. That's, where I left a cache of personal stuff.

Before I sign off, in those days, I was in the BOQ, and there was an exceptional guy, Tom, who worked the bar there. He was fairly small guys, had a neat, unusual face, it kind of matched his voice, a little high and scratchy. He was a local. He's the only person from there that I remember. I believe he lived in Placentia. Or perhaps in the small collection of houses south of the station, forget what it was called. I was back there by car with my son in '85, and I asked about him. I understood he was about, not at the sttion, but lived in the community I refer to. But I didn't manage to find him.

Also recall there was a small rise, west of the BOQ which had an old cannon. I used to imagine it's life in battles between the French and the Brits. I was astounded that by '85 it had become a recognized site, and made a public attraction.

OK, all for now, I'm Wattie Taylor, in Navy records, Washington Taylor, Tks again, the best.

I was stationed at the naval station hospital from Nov67 to Apr69.  I was the x-ray technologist, as it was a one man department.  The Newfoundlanders are wonderful people.  I truly enjoyed my stay on "The Rock".  I had my wife and daughter with me from Jun68 to Dec68.  We still share a tale or two with other family and friends about our time in Agentia, especially with my wife's Canadian relatives.  The one story I remember well was the time we were on the access road linking Argentia with the TCH.  We were running late on a return trip from St. John's and had to be escorted by the Mounties.  The Mounties would start a sweep of the access road every night about 10 PM to make sure that no one spent the night on the road.  At the time the road was gravel and it would wash out in the spring.  We only had one tv channel at that time.  It really didn't matter as we spent a lot of the time with other Navy families or went off base to see some of the countryside. 
Frank R. Bartolotta  former HM2 USN
Thoroughly enjoy the Argentia website. My wife Barbara Ellington and I were both US Navy stationed there 1980-1984. I was an ET1 (Electronics Tech 1st class) and had the Cal Lab in OPS and Barbara was on the Q-Force, worked in the post office for a while, and then worked in Supply as a SK3 (Storekeeper 3rd class). We met at the club in '82 and were married in the Chapel in June '83. Our first child Stephanie was born May '84 at St. Margaret's Hospital in St. Johns. I remember the Winter Carnivals (thanks for facilitating that). We worked hard and played hard didn't we? Argentia and all our old friends there will always have a special place in our hearts - wish we could go back and visit but it's long gone...just a vapor in the wind now.
Steve Kappesser 
Barbara (Ellington) Kappesser 
My name is Larry John and I was born at the Naval Air Station March 31,1947. My dad was an Army Major and later an Air Force Lt. Colonel. His name is Forrest M. John. He was in Communications there. We left around December of 1948 or January of 1949. He was reassigned to Kelly AFB here in San Antonio Texas. He retired here and passed away in 1987. We have some very old pictures that I will try to find and email to your site. I have often wondered what Argentia looked like. Thank you for your site. It is very interesting and informative.

Larry John

I found your site this evening while trying to get information about A. L. Bristol School.  My dad, SK3 Billy Maxwell, was stationed in Argentia 1965-1967.  He was a household goods inspector.  I remember he worked with a local lady named Betty (I think her last name was Lannon).  We lived in the 200 housing area and attended the Baptist church in Dunville.  I attended second through fourth grades at Bristol.

I would love to hear from anyone who lived in Argentia during that time in any capacity.  I know my dad would like hearing from old shipmates, too.  I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone who might have known a Marine whose last name was Whitford (his daughter, Lee Ann, was my best friend) and anyone who might have any information on Miss Barbara Howe, my fourth grade teacher.

 Thank you for a great site and for all the memories.

Sharon Maxwell Spicker
Bremerton, Washington

My name is Christopher Feugill.  I was stationed in Argentia in 1993 - 1994.  I came across your website and would like to be included in it.
Hi Bert,what a nice site to discover! I was in ARGENTIA from 1974 to 1978. I was in the canadian armed forces and worked at the navfac (ot).i remember maureen, sylvie, john&debbie we all worked together. my name is marie-geralda (dada) PAULIN. in 1976 i married a seabee last name KINGSBURY. We had good times and had good friends when we were in ARGENTIA.Our son was born there so he is actually a "newfie" :-). please post my e-mail address. thanks again.

Hi Bert,
What a treat to find this site, I was stationed in Arg from Jan 74 to Nov 77.  I presently work at GMFRC as the receptionist.

My name was then, Sylvie Frechette and then Sylvie Higgins and now Sylvie Verville. I found a few people who I remember from the old days. Please drop me a line or come by the MFRC to pay a visit. That would be great to meet another Argentia fogee!   Did you see the sun while you were there?  We used to say that if the sun showed up and you were sleeping off mid you missed it. 

Have a great day, Sylvie Verville  (last post MWREN in Shelburne 83)  

I was with VW 15 1957-58 at Argentia. In reading comments I have not seen anything about MAE WEST at the end of a runway.
We lost one Connie with all aboard, and as far as I know, no trace was found.  I sure enjoyed my time in Argentia and even had in mind the name Ersula (Powers) for my first daughter. My wife vetoed the name.  Louie Vaughan   Ashland KY
I was stationed in Argentia as a 2nd Class Aviation Electronics Tech and Flew in the Super Connies with VW11 Squadron  as a Radioman.  I got married April 15,1961 in Illinois and moved my new wife up with me. We  lived  in Placentia, Jersey Side nest to Newcastle Hill where their are cannons remains from an old French Fort. The Queens Sheep roamed wild all over.  When we left in September we Drove across the Island (600 mi ) On mostly Dirt roads to Port Abasque (wrong spelling) and took the William Henry Carson ferry to North Sidney Nova Scotia and drove down the coast to the States. The  Trip across the Island took 24 hours ( I carried 3 spare tires and 15 gal extra Gas, I drove an old 1953 Plymouth with 125 miles on it )  I used all the tires , I hit
rocks ,spikes, and everything else.  
VW 11 flew an extension of the DEW line as radar picket ships and had a plane in the air 24 hours a day for years. We flew from Argentia to the Azores and back.  Logging 16 hour flights. We had a double crew of 20 some men. We worked 4  on and off 4 while flying.   The  plane loaded with 8500 gal  of  high octane  aviation gas for each flight. If we had to abort  for some reason early in the flight we had to dump most of the fuel. It took 28 sections at full throttle  to take off and if it would be longer we would be in the drink.  It took over 1200 hp to take off .  The Connie was an amazing aircraft.  One of our planes is at the Air Force museum in Rantoul ILL. there were 18 planes in out Squadron.  The plane would fly on one engine if we ditched every thing  And if it was ditched properly it would float.
Floyd Hazelman
Tremont Il.
Floyd Hazelman
Greetings to all who made ARG so great during my stay as SNOW KING.  The folks in transportation treated me so great I didn't want to leave. Would love to hear from those who served in Arg.
Bill Griffitts 1985-1988

My husband, Ron West, was stationed at the Marine Barracks from Oct 65 until Jan 68. I joined him in Dec 65 after the birth of our first son. We lived in Placentia Bay and rented an apartment from Mr. Green. The apartments were painted green and white stripe. We then moved to Dunville and rented a house from Ed Mooney until we moved on base. We are both from GA so our experience in Newfoundland was quite different from anything we had ever experienced but all the memories are very good. We had a lot of good evenings at the Blue Room. My husband was a bartender at the club for a short while and when we were at the Beaufort Air Station we ran in to a waitress from the Blue Room –Anna. She had married a Marine and was running a bar outside of base housing. Small world.  Our 2nd son was born in Newfoundland in October 67 and we left in Jan 68. Ron was on his way to Vietnam and I was on my way back to GA. Ron retired from the Marine Corps in 1985 and we live in GA. We now have 5 grandchildren. I will be retiring soon and we are planning a trip back to Newfoundland and we are looking forward to that. We would like to hear from anyone who remembers Ron and Sue West. We attended a small Baptist Church in Dunville. Our email is

I enjoyed reading the comments. It brings back a lot of memories. Does anyone remember a cab driver named Poncho?   

Sue West

My wife and I have been scanning in our old photos for safe keeping, and I came across some from when I lived in Argentia, and it brought back some good memories. So I did a search on the web and came across your site.

My father, PO2 Ed Reid, was posted there for the 1st time between 76-80, that is when I lived there. He went back later in the 80s but by then I was in the military and in Comox.

I have many memories of when I lived there, none of the being the fact that we could not go to school on base and had to bussed back and forth to Danville, try not to remember that. I noticed that you mentioned the 79 Winter carnival, well I remember that carnival.

When scanning in my photos I can across photos of a few of my old friends that I have lost touch with over the years, like Dave Luton, Jeff Smith, Cheryl Clark, Danny Evoy and Dianne Matt, plus others. We used to have lots of fun, considering there were only several places for us to hang around in like the bowling ally or the youth club, which moved 3 times when I was there. I still think of my old friends from time to time, wondering what became of them, how they made out in life. I did keep in touch with Jeff Smith after he moved to Minot but after I left and joined the military we kind of lost touch.

For anyone that was there during 76-80 the might remember me for I used to work all the parties in the Sgts Mess, washing dishes, bushing tables and cleaning it. After it was torn down I working in the mess below the theatre, also one of our hangouts. My brothers and myself used to do lots of fishing and that is one part, besides the people that made it fun.

When we fist went there, being a Canadian family going to an American base we though it would be hard but in fact the people made us fell right at home, and within a week we all had new friends.

The base people made the difference for us its is even better that some of the ones I have had except Cold Lake where I met my wife.

Could you Plse post this on you site, hoping someone would remember me.

Keep up the good work Bret

Don Reid


My name is Wayne Ginther and was stationed at the Naval Station from October 1964 - August 1966.  When we flew into Newfoundland October 1964 it was raining and freezing and couldn't land at Argentia.  Flew all the way to Harmon Air Force Base and a flight I'll never forget.  So much ice on the plane we were barely clearing the hills. Will always remember the wonderful times at Argentia.  I was a YN3 in the Legal Office with Commander Bruce Geisinger as Legal Officer.  Worked with Gordon Webb from Kansas and when he left Gary Cooper from Missouri took his position.  Also remember Ensign Feeney very well as he was Assistant Legal Officer.  When Commander Geisinger left Commander Lane took over.  One of the experiences I most remember was the fishing trip to Lake Jubilee which normally was a three day stay at the lake.  There were four of us and a Newfoundland guide and we were flown in by Coast Guard Seaplane.  On the day we were to leave the weather took a turn for the worse and we ended up there nine days.  Best trout and landlocked salmon fishing I could ever imagine or dream of.  Have many pictures on base and Newfoundland scenery.  My wife and I were in Newfoundland in 1992 and again in 2005 on vacation.  Came across you site Googling "Argentia, Newfoundland" and certainly brought back the memories.
Wayne Ginther, Pennsylvania
Thank for the website, really enjoy. I was an ET stationed at Argentia from 1/'73 to 8/'77. Started at Miami Hanger and NavAirSta working for ATC Doyle May. When that closed, went to AFRTS as dj and enginee working for SK2 Larry Shaffeet (spelling "?).  I then was transfered to Special Services  running the theater and USO shows for Jim Toussaint.  I finished my tour at Argentia out at the Fac working for Chief Ray.  Played fast pitch softball with Johnny Seay, OB Corning, Joe Amaya, Lt Short and many other and went to the Canadian Nationals at Niagra Falls.  I married a newf from Freshwater (Annie) and 3 of our kids were born there. Would have given anything to be stationed there again.  David Ellison
I was stationed at argentia in 1956 thru 1958 MCB 6 and the dept of public works .I remember getting my orders at US Naval Station BrooklynNy telling me I was going to "argentia " . I couldnt wait to see the "Pappas" and the "Gouchos" I had heard it was a beautiful country with lots of sunshine . When I boarded the ship and sailed I was impressed how could it was getting and the tremendous amount of fog . It wasnt until we landed that I learned I was In a place called Newfoundland . I dont even recall ever hearing of the place . "The Rock " as we soon learned to call it was a misrebale place . Cold damp   and lonely . Despite our best efforts to adjust many guys where home sick and booze was cheaper than milk .
I just ran across the web site looking at the picture brought back many memories . I still have pictures of the place .
Mech 3 Len Llewellyn  
My husband (Ensign and Lt JG Tom Runnels) and I were stationed on "the Rock" from Feb 1967 to Feb 1969.  Our granddaughter (who wants to some day visit Argentia, where her daddy was born) has sparked my interest in the base.  I have been to several sites and try to remember the base. 
My husband and I couln't get officer housing when we arrived on base so we lived in the BOQ (Argentia Hilton, as it was called) but after several months of waiting for officer housing we settled for living in enlisted housing (it was directly across the street from the hospital) which made us very happy.  It worked out very well for us because my next door neighbor could baby sit our son for officer wives' meeting and visa versa for her meetings.
I have so many fond memories of our tour in Argentia!!!!  The closeness of the people there was incredible.  I remember all the activities
that were planned (USO tours, parties, etc), the camp off base, the trips into St. Johns.  The one thing I will never miss was the milk.  Oh,
how horrible!!!!!
My husband was connected with the communication unit there.  He played handball, baseball, basketball and any other sport that he could.
Commander Loose was his CO and Bill Yacanello (I'm not sure of the spelling) was the XO.
I would love to correspond with anyone who knew us.
Maggie Runnels
Just came across the Argentia site - a great piece of work!
I was a dependent in Argentia from 1947 to 1949; my father was 'captain of the yard' and we lived next to the signal tower on top of the hill.  I spent a lot of time hanging around the Sig Tower and the Boat House and used to go out on the 50ft launch when the lighthouse crew on Fox Island would get resupplied with chow and mail.  The Northeast Arm rec area had a big fire while we were there.  Movies in the North Rec were free but we had to pay 15 cents on the 'Army Side'.  Grade school went to 8th grade but some lived in town and went to school there.  Our teacher was the Chaplain's wife and we had one room for the 6-7-8th grades.  I often went with my father to the ARD-18, the hobby shop, the Carpenters' Barge - it was a great place to be a kid.
Alan  Phillips
I lived in Argentia with my family around 78-79, although I was young, I do recall what a wonderful and exciting experience it was to live in this area. My Mother and Father would take me out hiking, exploring and blue berry picking during the warm summer days (50deg+) and during the snowy blizzards, we would tunnel our way through the snow drifts just to open the front door. When my parents and I talk about Argentia, discussions of the fun Winter Carnival always come up.

 Thanks for site.

 Tim Hatchell
Bob Peine (USN Retired) & Sharon Peine

Hi Bert.  Wonderful Website and a few tears as I look at the pictures and the memories of Newfoundland. I was married to Ken Johnson who was a SeaBee electrician in the public works dept. from 1971 - 1975.  I worked at the base nursery at AL Bristol school and also spent many hours at the bowling alley.  Have kept in touch with several friends made in Nfld, but would enjoy hearing from anyone out there I have lost touch with.  Someday I plan a trip back as we left 32 years ago, but lived there  as newlyweds in 72.  What a wonderful time. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers us or that time frame at good ole Argentia.  Oh, do you remember Mulalley's chicken bar at Placentia? 
I was stationed at NAVFAC Argentia from 1981 to 1983 and it remains by most memorable tour of duty.  I was assigned as one of the broadcast engineers to AFRTS.  What a party we had, I miss the people, the fun and the work.  I especially miss B.J.O. if she ever comes across this site I hope she gets in touch with me.  I have many pictures, AFRTS radio broadcasts and even some old video of everything from the "Q" to the NE Arms Camp. Watching the destruction of the "Q" was a little upsetting, I have many happy memories from my time in that building.

Jaime Rodriguez (Rick)
NAS Oceana Airfield Manager

VW-13 63 to 65. Dave Hargis
Came across the site quite accidentally yesterday and hope you will log me in.....I was dental officer for FASEON 106 from feb. , '57 til june, '58.....i shared one of the "suites" in the old chateau BOQ from February til June when my wife joined me.......she taught second grade until March when our eldest son was born......we both still have fond memories of the place and people, and are very sorry to see what happened to it....thanks for the site and the memories......Dick Safirstein
Congratulations on a great site. I have visited the site a few times before and now i think it is time to respond.  My name is Alex Hartson and I worked at Nav Fac (the  T-Bldg) from 1978-1994 base closure. I still work in Argentia  at the Inco site which is located 0n the old runway.
 I do remember a lot of the names of the people who were stationed there. Names like Gerry Zanussi, Gil Rocha, Kim Prentice, Barb Lund and Wayne Pike.  I especially remember playing hockey against Gerry Zenussi, I remember he was a pretty good goalie. I later played with the Argentia team and enjoyed traveling to Gander and St. John's to play.
 I want to take this opportunity to say hi to all those people who are now no long gone. If anyone out there remembers me and want to contact me they can reach me at  (
 Alex Hartson
I enjoyed this site. I was stationed in Argentia from July 65 to June 66 as a construction man (E-3) and was attached to base maintenance at the time. 
I've often thought of revisiting Newfoundland and came close a few years ago when my wife and I were in Cape Breton, only we didn't have the time. Hopefully within the next year or two.
Gary Morrison
Hello Bert, 
I was stationed at the Navfac 66-67 and loved every minute of it. I came home on leave and got married to my high school sweet heart and we finsihed out my tour there. Lived in a small house in Placentia on the Gut. What a fond enduring memory. Hope to meet up with some ole buddies.
James (Jim) Mathews RM3/2 got promoted while there
Hi Bert,
    My name is Mike Ballard I was stationed in Argentia from 1985 to 1988 as an EO2 with the Seabees.  I had the best times in Arg and would to hear from anyone I was stationed with.
Nice thing you have going here!!  Interesting. 
It was my fortune to serve in the U. S. Army.  First stint was with the medical detachment, 785th AA Bn in the Southwest Pacific (Morotai, mainly), as a surgical technician.  The second go round was the call up of reservists for the Korean conflict.  Probably based on the fact my occupation was coaching at Gove Rural High School (Ks) was alloted to the Adjutant General's branch as a Special Services Officer.
Had no qualms about being assigned to the 373d Transportation Major Port which was servicing the Northeast Air Command (Newfoundland, Labrador, and Greenland).  Reported to the headquarters at Pepperell AFB, St. John's, Newfoundland, but in a short time the whole enchilada was transferred to McAndrew AFB, Argentia.
Brigadier General Richard Whitcomb was my boss.  Colonel Weaver was the base commander. 
We were encouraged to bring our dependents.  So, in April 1953 the family (my wife Katy and small children - Marvin III, Kathleen, and Patricia) arrived in Newfoundland.  At the time of their arrival housing space on the base was not available.  We rented the second floor of Jack Kareen's home in Placentia.  He worked on the base.  Jack and Nellie had four small children:  Nicky, Patsy, Tommy, and Eugenia.  Other Newfoundlander friends included Dominic and Bessie Rowe of Pt. Verde.
As others, who have been there know, by road it was 25 miles of rough road from Placentia to Argentia, but a short ten minutes by way of Toby's ferry.  Toby was one of the best when it came to operating the gut boat.  We had our 1950 Plymouth four door sedan for transport, but even so were elated within the month for the invitation to move to the base.
Headquartered at Argentia, the 373d TMP had subports at Harmon, Goose Bay, Frobisher Bay, Thule, Sonderstrom, Narsassarak, and St. John's.  It's mission was to handle shipboard cargo for NEAC.
My duties were varied entailing considerable liaison with my Air Force counterparts.  This afforded numerous opportunities to tour the command, and some memorable times.
We still remember Argentia:   the live lobsters, with pegged claws, for a quarter a pound.  The Officers' Club with its contingent of bar flies, slot machine addicts, bingo and an occasional dance.  Children sledding down the steep hill with blustery weather, but nothing compared to that of other areas of the command.
Our son, Marvin attended the elementary school, taking his lunch at the Officers' Club, most of the time with General Whitcomb.  The time Marvin and Kathleen ventured into the bog east of our quarters, got separated and Kathleen turned up missing.  Response from base personnel in form of a search party was immediate.  Colonel Weaver, the base commander, found her.
Goose Bay and Happy Valley (off limits to military personnel)
Frobisher Bay with its high tides, and the amassing of Arctic char beneath the falls at low tide.  This is where the local Mounty annually procures walrus and an occasional polar bear for the native population.  Hudson Bay Store is the shopping center.
Thule is unique, to say the least.  Had been familiar with the Northern Lights most of my life, but viewing the Aurora Borealis from Thule is a lifetime experience.  In winter the ice is about ten feet thick -- however, with lots of patience and sweat, ice fishing will produce Arctic char.
Sonderstrom's trademarks are its fjords.  Flying in and out is most memorable.  It was here the opportunity to dine on a caribou steak occurred.  Delicious!!  Summer time the mosquitoes manifest clouds of mosquitoes that block sunlight.  Mosquito netting affords some protection  but is of doubtful value when about fifty manage to infiltrate.
Narsassarak is the "Miami" of Greenland.  It does have some vegetation.  --  Evidence of early Viking inhabitation is still visible.
We remember St. John's for its friendly folks, cod fish being dried, interesting stores and some hilly streets.

-- Marvin Baker  1953-4 Argentian  --
My name is Gary Wessel. I served at NAVFAC Argentia in 79-81 as a Postal Clerk. Lived in the BEQ on the 6th or 5th floor (really can't remember now) facing the bay and red island.

I was stationed in Argentia from 1961 to 1963 with VW-11 and TAD to VOUS Armed Forces Radio Station Argentia.
Richard G. Franklin
Las Vegas, Nevada
My name is Cindy Thames, (maiden name was Wilmoth) and I was stationed at Argentia from 81 - 83, with the American forces.
I was with the Security Police, and stood so many hours as gate guard that I swear I knew every outside vendor that came on base, no matter how early in the morning.
I lived in the Q, being a single girl at the time, and recall waking up one night to hear the sabotage alert blaring on one of the security vehicles.  This struck me a really odd because who on earth would come after a little sleepy base like ours?  I got up and looked out my window.  Nothing.  I went down the hall and looked out over officer's housing.  Nothing.  I went to another hall in the Q and looked out over enlisted housing.  Nothing.  Finally I went to the wing that looked out toward the old airfield and what did I see?  The commisary and exchange were on fire!  Fully engulfed, no less!  There were more emergency vehicles there than I knew existed in all of NFLD!  Literally, there were hundreds and hundreds of red lights flashing.  I managed to get down to the security gate and there stood almost 50 hours as the dispatcher.  Not that there was much radio activity, but because I was only one that could handle and control all the press!  Both buildings burned to the ground.  The fire, having gotten into the package store and exploded all the liquor, burned so intensely that it took five days for the safes to cool off so the officers could get the money out of them.
In the two months afterward, the Seabees were at work 24 hours a day to rebuild the buildings.  When I had the night watch, I'd sneak up to the galley and bug the night cook for a tray of cookies.  I'd take them down to the SeaBees along with fresh hot coffee.
It's been a while since I looked at the photo album I have that contains my Argentia pictures.  I don't know if any of them are of scenery (oh, a few will) but I'll see what I can find.

Aye Yours, Lady Buchanan

I was stationed in Argentia from January to June, 1965 with the U.S. Coast Guard International Ice Patrol. I was a Radioman Second Class (RM2). We sent Morse Code warnings of the positions of the ice bergs to vessels transiting the area. Your site brings back many memories. I thoroughly enjoyed my short stay in Argentia. I also sailed into Argentia, St. Johns and Halifax several times onboard Coast Guard Cutters Yakutat, Escanaba and Westwind.

Keep up the good work!
Walter Sapp, USCG International Ice Patrol 1965.

I discovered your web site through the IUSS web site. I have really enjoyed the photos as they bring back a lot of memories. I was stationed at NavFac Argentia as an OT from 1975 thru 1977. In my opinion it was the best duty station a person could be assigned and the finest people I ever had the pleasure of working with in my time in the Navy. Could you please add my e-mail address to the list. Bob Lawson (Bummer Bob), ( Tucson, AZ
I found your website while searching for archival information on Naval Station Argentia. I was very interested in the photos; they give me insight on how the base was laid out. I have one or two base guides, but they are out of focus and hard to read. I am in the progress of building a FS2004 Scenery model of the base, and can use everything I can find. Especially lay-out of the different buildings. The google map I have was takken during deconstruction and after installation of the new ferry landing.I was in VW-11 flying the barrier from
02/05/58 until 11/20/59. I was an AT1 and flew the 1st tech position.
Dennis Brown
I just happen to run across your web site and I was also stationed at Argentia. I was there from Sept of

1949 to Oct of 1951. I was in the Navy and I was an AF2 (Aerial Photographer). Our photo lab was in the control tower which if I remember right was at the enter-section the east-west and north-south runways. A mean place to get to in the winter time. I remember going to Placentia a few times to sample the Moose Ale. Occasionally we did get to St. Johns for a long weekend. The only way to get there was by a Newfie Cab, seems like back then the round trip was about $20.00. Had a great time there, but was glad when I was transferred to NAS Jacksonville Florida.
Don Archenbronn

Hello Bert,
My name is Vern Alderman and I was stationed in Argentina, from June 1955 to December 1956.  I was in the crash crew. I think we only had one plane to go down in the length of time that I was there. It was a SA-16 , they went down in the water in the bay west behind of the base. I think one body was recovered down near "Mae West".  We were called out many  times in the wee hours of the night. I remember one claimed  they smelled smoke in the cock pit , but they landed safe and everything was ok.. Another time, they were having hydraulic problems with the landing gear, and you talk about COLD!!!!! we would sleep in our clothes, in case we got called out , we would not have to freeze getting dressed. lol..But one minute getting from the bed to the truck, we would still be half froze. Anyone that has been there knows how that wind could blow!
We would go fishing off the base, out near or around about Northeast Arms. Anything we caught we would bring back to our chief or a friend who's wife was there so she could cook them. We would also go down to the dock and fish for flounder. The enlisted men's wives club held a bingo game every Wednesday night, at Sailor's hall.  Me and a buddy were playing one night and hit the consolation prize of $150.00, which we split. He now lives in Michigan and I live in West Virginia, but thanks to these modern day "puters" we still stay in contact with each other by E-mail. I can well remember the old fog horn on Fox Island. I have many more memories of my time spent there, too much to put in this e-mail.
Thanks for putting this site together. I sure have enjoyed all the photos and stories. You can add me to your list.
Thanks again,
Vern Alderman  (US Navy)
I was stationed at Argentia 1990-1992.  Really loved it there. including the weather and the music and the people.  The Newfi people were great.  My email is
Jackie Jim HM1 Retired
My sister in Rhode Island told me about the site. I was born in Argentia and grew up in Freshwater. My Father was the civilian in charge of Public works for 25 years. Needless to say I am very familar with the base as I spent many hours there. In 1955 I joined the Navy( Air) and spent time in Shearwater as well as at 444 Sqdn in Lahr from 71 to 74. I  was on exchange when the Army got the Kiowa Helos.
Landed many time in Argentia as I'm sure you did. It seemed that just before Christmas we had reasons to visit there. On many occasions we met up with RCAF Greenwood. Of course my dad always helped us out with refreshments.
This is strange that you were 90 miles away from me and now hosting a website for a place and envoirment I grew up in. I got out of the Navy in 75 and now live in Clearwater Florida since 1978. Keep up the great work. Thanks again for the great website
Gerry Dollmont
I was stationed in Argentia from the fall of 1964 to the spring of 1966. I worked in the office of the Commissary . The Windjammer Club was a great place to spend time. I have a few pictures during this time. If you send me an address I'll forward you copies. Quentin Pfutzenreuter. My e-mail address is:
My tour at Argentia began early 1958 and lasted to July of 1960.  I worked 24 on 48 off at A.T.O.[Air Transit Operations] with plenty of liberty and nowhere to go.  Spent a lot of time
at the 103 club. My first visit back was in the year 2000 Canada Day in Placentia.  I met a women there
that was in charge of the proposed museum  on the old naval base called "Museum of the Atlantic Allies.  We had a wonderful visit.  Touring the old base brought back many memories.  Most all of the buildings are razed.  Newfoundland Hilton was still standing [BOQ].   Since then I have been back twice, July 2002 and July 2006.  On our last visit
we were invited to a one year anniversary social  for the parish priest at the Star of the Sea Hall in Placentia.  Again we had a wonderful time dancing to some downhomer
music and Irish two step.  The church name is Sacred Heart. The BOQ was imploded 2004. There is an awful lot of soil reclaiming going on caused by underground piping.   May West is just as busty as she was way back when.  The Island
keeps calling me back.
Carl J. Koniar
Hi, My name is David Sawley. I was at Argentia From April/69 to July/70. Sue Taylor is my wife. I worked at Disaster Control, Bunker 519, and ran the gas chamber. Newfoundland! What a place to go after the 'Nam! There I was, the world's latest case of PTSD, and I got introduced to Captain Morgan. Sure didn't do me any good. I was in and out of trouble all the time. Oh, well, since then I got sober, found Jesus, married a good christian woman, and became a minister. Still, I have a lot of fond memories of Argentia. I wonder what ever became of Mary Whalen.
The Rev. David Sawley
I remember Argentia with fond memories. I was stationed aboard the U.S.S. LST 1144 and we anchored a few times in Argentia. The local fishermen would come alongside our ship and have huge lobsters for sale for $1.00 Also the cod fishing was unbelievable. They would bite on anything. I imagine 56 years  later the Cod and Lobster have just about disappeared he reason we were in the area was we were involved in Operation Blue Jay. We helped to take building materials to build the Air Base in Thule, Greenland. It sure is nice to look back on the memories. Tom Boyle  Laurel, Md.20707
James N Maddaloni  Bur3. I was stationed there between 1960- 1962.Zone 1 of base maintenance. Great place and friendly people. I have pics i will get together and send along. I lived in the old Seabee barracks and moved for my last few months in the new 1001 man barracks.
Great site, Jim Maddaloni
I was stationed in Argentia from 1990 to 1994 when we shut down the NAVFAC, I was an ET out at the
T-Building. Married a Newfie from Dunville, still go back every couple years. Have many base photos, heck
still have a bottle of "Argentia Rum" .. any ways been looking for years for IUSS/ Newfie site... not sure
why I have never ran across this one yet.. anyways would like to add my name and email in hopes
of running across some old friends.
NCC(prior ET/IUSS) Ricky L. Butler
Zone Supervisor Metro Kansas City
I was stationed at Argentia from July 1989 to August 1991.  I was a Chief Petty Officer with the U.S. Navy.  I would appreciate being added to your email list so old acquaintances can contact me.  I thoroughly enjoyed my tour there.  Actually my best tour out of 25 years.  Regards, Don Allen
Hello. I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. I was stationed at  NAVFAC  Arg from Aug '71 through June '73. I would like to have my name  added to the  email list. How do I go about putting it in there.
John Cunningham
Munford, Tennessee


I was the Public Works Officer from 1991-1993 and came across your site when my daughter was working on a school project. I’d appreciate you adding my name to your email list.

 I thought the photos were great (I remember Abdul Karim and the others in his photos well!) and will try to send some of ours to you. My tour in Newfoundland was one of the most enjoyable I had during my Navy career and it was due to the people I met there – both civilian and military. 

Thanks again for hosting the site – it was fun looking back! 

Joe Monachino

I was a dependent (Navy Brat) and only 3 to 4 years old when I lived at Argentia sometime between 1953 and 1954.  My father was RMC John Deason.  I still have many memories of living there.  How do I add my name to your list?
Steve Deason, YNC, USN(Ret)
CM3 Walls checking in.. better known simply as K-C
I served in Argentia from Jan 82 to Dec. 84. Had a great time, made lots of friends and basically came of age up there. I started a myspace group ( hoping to find friends I served with during that era. Anyone who'd like to connect can reach me at
I was stationed at Argentia with VW-11 from 1957-59.  In the summer of 1979 my wife and I flew our Cessna 172 from Missouri to North Sydney where we boarded the ferry to Argentia.  I have numerous pictures taken in 1957-59 and in 1979 if you would be interested. 
Dr. Solon Earl Haynes 
Great site !! I was VW 11 flight surgeon from late Apr 60 thru late Aug 62.  Most of time spent TAD to base hospital in charge of the EENT clinic.  We are still in touch regularly with fellow Argentia US Navy types.  Please put me on your email list.
Norm Lyster

Hi,      My name is Dori Wojcik.and my husband Grady Wojcik, were both stationed there from 90 to 93. Ii will dig up some photos to add to your collection. I was stationed at the comm center as a radioman. We loved it in Nfld. Please add us to your email list as it would be great to make contact with lost friends.

thanks Dori


I was stationed at Argentia from July 1989 to August 1991.  I was a Chief Petty Officer with the U.S. Navy.  I would appreciate being added to your email list so old acquaintances can contact me.  I thoroughly enjoyed my tour there.  Actually my best tour out of 25 years.  Regards, Don

I was stationed at Navfac Argentia from 1978-1980 and was recently contacted by Vince Diemert, who worked with me at the T-site. I was one of the Radiomen stationed there and wanted to know how I can get my email address listed and even provide a story to what has happened to me over the years. I am Glenn Everett Kopanski, a Retired Navy P.Officer Rmc who retired from the Navy April 1995. I am also a Disabled Veteran who is a major Public Speaker in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas and who has been fighting a terminal illness for 23 years, one of the longest living in the U.s. at this time. I speak in our Public Schools in Dallas and can provide more later if you are interested in publishing it. I hope to hear back from you. Thanks much, and brings back alot of good memories of the best duty station I had while on active duty. Many fond memories when I was young then come from there. I used to Dj music at the Club there if that rings a bell??
My Best,
Glenn Everett Kopanski, United States Navy Retired
9301 Wichita Trail
 Frisco, Texas 75034-7613
Home Ph# (972) 377-5954
Cell Ph # (469) 569-1164

 I was doing research on Argentia, Newfoundland and I ran across your website. I served in VW-11 there from 1957-59. I was a AT3 radioman and spent over 2000 hours flying over the Atlantic. It was a great experience for me. I and my fellow crewmates enjoyed our days in Newfoundland. We fished for Cod as well as trout and salmon. We enjoyed the people. In those days we were somewhat isolated from the world and home. There was one long distance circuit, one television station and not a whole lot more. We did have a number of ham operators the communicated with Operators in the States and gave us an opportunity to call home. Thank heaven for the Brown baggers who looked after us single types.

 Your website is great and brought back many memories and good times.   Bruce Jarvis

Hi Bert,    I, Gustave S. Emanuels  (Stan), was stationed at Argentia from July 68 to Feb 70, at Miami Hanger, I was an Aviation Electrician’s Mate working “I” level for the deployed P-3’s and “O” level for the station C-54, HU-16, and UH-34. What a great place that was, making Johns runs and going to the EM club for fun. Of course working in the elements was a challenge also. I married a great girl from Placentia and made many trips back and forth to Argentia and Placentia for the next 20 years. Since I have retired after 22 years of active duty and as I look back upon my past duty stations,  I truly miss the innocent times and  the fun that Argentia, Placentia , St. John’s and the people of Newfoundland gave to us all.  My e-mail address:    

Hey how is it going. I just came across your Argentia sight. I was there from 1970 to 1972 then to the USS America CVA 66  gone too. How can I get on your email list. I got to tell you it  sent me back years looking at those pics. I was only 19 at that time. I have some pics maybe I dig up and post.
Take Care
Steve Hagan
I was a Controller with VW-11 from Nov 1959 to Nov 1960, when several of us had our tours curtailed and were sent to VAW-12 at Quonset Pt, RI. I lived on the sixth floor of the Q, and bowled and played ping pong a lot on days of crew rest. Made the trek to St Johns a couple times. I remember it was a big event when the supply ship bought a new shipment of Hi-Fi albums to the BX. We watched Yogi Bear and Hockey Night in Canada on the TV just outside the wardroom mess.

Man, those lobsters they served at the mess on Fridays were huge!
Paul Englund,  Huntsville, AL

Hi Bert! I just found your website for Argentia. Wow! What a lot of memories it brings up. I have to agree with everyone that seeing the Q blow up is a shock.Argentia was my first duty station in the U.S.Navy. I arrived in December 1979 and left in April 1982. I spent my first few months in base security and then went to the photolab for OJT. I took a lot of the photos for the Winter Carnivals - it was a lot of fun. In 1980 I helped put together a cruisebook for the NAVFAC. I still have mine.

After seeing the website I pulled it off a shelf to look through it. Great times! I'm currently living in Yarmouth, Maine and have worked for the University of Southern Maine Police Dept for over 17 years as police dispatcher. Getting ready to call it quits in less than 3 years and go do something else. Maybe I'll take my cameras back to Newfoundland and see more of the province. I've been thinking of NFLD alot lately. I really miss it.

I would love to hear from anyone who stationed at Argentia at the same time. My email address is 

Thanks for the memories!

Sherrie DeLong

I was in VW-11 from November 1961 until March 1963.  I was an ACW-3 radar operator in WV-2 (EC-121-K) aircraft and flew deployments from Argentia to Keflavik, Iceland.  I flew with 3 or 4 different crews even though I had a permanent crew but I don't remember the number.  In the summer of 1962 I was part of a training crew that flew from Argentia to the Azores.  I was also in AEWBARRONPAC in Hawaii prior to Argentia but I didn't enjoy that squadron near as much as I did VW-11.  I think now a lot of my time in Argentia, Iceland and Scotland and would love to see those places again!

Jeff R. Ingram

Hi Bert. Just came across your site. I was stationed at Argentia from 1968-1969. I was a SK1 in supply. I worked on the 2nd floor of the Hanger. I took care of the Flight Clothing Locker. I hope to hear from friends I had there. Please include me on your email roster. Prior to my naval career, I was in the USAF and my last duty station was Goose Bay. Take care, Bob Lyons
Hey Bert!
            My dad (Dave Rook) was stationed in Argentia from 78-80 at AFRTS "Rock Island Radio".  The fist memory is of our very first day there, in Dec, after living in the Pacific for 7 yrs (Midway Island and Hawaii), was all the snow from the blizzard and how it had covered the radio station. (Of course my dad had to get a look at the radio station before finding our house).  I really enjoyed your site.  It really brought back memories for me as a kid.  I remember sledding down "Suicide Hill" right next to our house and learning why it was called that.  I'm sad to see the Q gone.  I will never forget A.L.Bristol.  I will never forget the family closeness felt between total strangers.  I also won't forget the Winter Carnival, or North East Arms!
 Thanks for all your hard work,  Becky MacKenzie (formerly Rook)

Hi Bert –  Nice web-site. My name is Bill Gillies. I was 2nd mech. on a P2V-5F with VP-26 out of Brunswick , ME , deployed to Argentia for 6 months during the Winter of ’58 – ’59. We had to hold onto to a rope between the barracks and the chow hall to prevent getting lost in the snow storms. I remember Paula at the enlisted club, (47 years ago).

Hi Bert: My name is George Janacek. Like so many others I found your website by accident surfing the net. I was stationed at NavFac Argentia as an OT2 from 1969 to 1971.
What a great place to be. Some of the finest people I' ve ever worked with were at NavFac Arg. I even found a few names of old friends on the list. I remember "Doc" Zeeck well (and those big cigars he smoked!). I hope to be contacting them in the near future. Thanks for the memories. Arg may be gone, but it will never be forgotten.
I would be honored if you would add my e-mail address to the list. George Janacek, ex- OT2 USN
I was stationed in Argentia from 91-94 and that is missing from the e-mail page.  Argentia will always be one of my favorite duty stations.  I loved every minute there and have several fond memories.  All of the locals were great and I became friends with several of them and was welcomed in to their homes and invited to be a team member on some of their bowling teams.  I have some pictures of Argentia that I would like to send as well, do I send them to you via e-mail?  One of my memories that I will always have of Argentia is, it was the duty station where I was selected and advanced to Chief Petty Officer.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I had a great time.  Anyone stationed there from 91-94 that remembers me (OTMC Mark Anderson) and wants to say hi, you can contact me at

Mark A. Anderson:  

Hi Bert:
   Thanks for the memories!  I recently discovered your site while surfing the net.  My name is Joe Sarver and I was editor of the base newspaper "The Foghorn" and a member of the Public Affairs Staff from October 1959 until January 1963.  Lots of the photos are familiar -- especially the BOQ.  My wife and I were caught out in a blizzard (on base) one night.  We were on foot attempting to get to the Newfie Bullet (bus to Jersey Side).  A snow plow picked us up and deposited us at the Q where we were taken in fed and bedded down.  Quite an experience. 
   I love your sight buy haven't seen any shipmates there that I remember.  I'll keep checking back from time to time.  Thanks again. 
                                    Joe Sarver,  JOC, USN (Ret)
I'm Joe McGee and I was stationed at Arg from September 65 to June 66.  My duty assignment was in special services and worked at the base gym.  I was fortunate to have played on the base basketball team.  We traveled to Nav Sta Newport, Rhode Island in February "66 for the CruDesLant Basketball Tournament. Our first game was against NAS Brunswick, Maine. A game which we lost. We also played  Harmon Air Force Base Team at Harmon Air Base in Stephenville, Nfld sometime in January 66, I remember flying to Harmon Air Base in a P-3 Orion from one of the VP squadrons that flew out of Arg.  We won that game...We also played the college basketball team at Memorial University in St. John's. We got whupped on that one...
I remember a couple of names of guys on the base team.  I can only remember a couple of names from that team of 40 some years ago.. Clayton Vaughn, Lord, Nick Luongo.
 I do remember a sailor that I worked with in special services at the gym.  His name was Phillip Lonnie Hudson also known as Lonnie.  Lonnie Hudson was killed on the flight deck of the USS Forestall in 1967.
 I remember the Windjammer Club and the .15 cent beers...I was only 18 then...And I remember the 90 mile trip on a dirt road to St. John's...I only went there a few times though.  Some guys went every weekend
 I was stationed at Arg for some 8 months and then I took the test for Lithographer 3rd class and was promoted and sent to Keflavik, Iceland.  I was discharged from the Navy in June of 1967.  Sometime I wish I had stayed in the Navy.  I had a lot of fun.
 Hey all you ex-Arg sailors, If you think it snows in Arg and you think it's cold and there's a lot of wind then try Keflavik for a year where there is no daylight during the winter months and the snow piles up to the second story windows of the barracks.  And they have life line (ropes) from barracks to barracks.

Joe McGee

Hi Bert –
  Nice web-site. My name is Bill Gillies. I was 2nd mech. on a P2V-5F with VP-26 out of Brunswick , ME , deployed to Argentia for 6 months during the Winter of ’58 – ’59. We had to hold onto to a rope between the barracks and the chow hall to prevent getting lost in the snow storms. I remember Paula at the enlisted club, (47 years ago).

I was at the air base on numerous occassions in the late 50's and  early sixties .stayed in the Argentia Hilton (BOQ)I was a civilian contract person. We installed King Deep. You may not be familiar with the terminology it was a classified project for  the DOD. I then returned on a schedule to check reliability. Newfoundland is a very interesting place.
Everett Stigall
Was on "The Rock" from JAN1987-APR1988, and had a blast. I would like to be included in Your page if possible, as I am now looking for my long lost freinds before they really do become gone forever
Michael Moody, TSgt USAFR
I am writing to you about your website on Argentia. I visited Argentia 20 years ago while touring Newfoundland. I was in Strategic Air Command at Loring AFB, Maine at the time. I really didn't know much about the place until later in my career. If I had I would have spent more time there and taken lots of pictures.
My reason for writing is I did a page on my Loring AFB website,, about the Green Pine System of which Loring supported one its stations at Argentia. I am looking for someone closer to the subject than I who can look at what I wrote and can clarify or add to it.
I was contacted by Mark Bruggeman and he gave me quite a bit of information. I have written to him several times since our last contact in the fall of 2005 but haven't heard from him. If you have any input or know of someone who would be interested in adding more to it I would sure like to get in contact with them.
Mike Makar
I  was5 years old when we went to Argentia in 1953. My Dad was an aviation Bosensmate E-6. When we first arrived we lived off base in I believe they called the community Sweetwater. We like lived halfway up a mountain. I remember that we had to go through the Air Force base to get to the Navy base and that I went to school on the Air Force base. I have pictures and as soon as I can locate them I'll share. 
Bob Spikes
 What a surprise!  I was goofing off on the computer & googled "Argentia" and found your site.  I was stationed there from June of 1964 through December of 1965.  I do have a few pics, but mostly duplicates of what you have.  I was assigned to the transportation dept., driving base taxis & snow removal equipment.  I also made a whole lot of trips to St. Johns while I was there.
 Please let me know what format & how to send pictures.
Great site!
Paul Neeld
Hi Bert,
I was stationed in 58-59 as a crptologist USN.  My wife found your site.  Brought back great memories  Please check me in.  Bud Juckett (RM3) (

I enjoyed visiting your site.  I served in VW-11 in 1964-1965.  Keep up the good work.  

Make it a great day!
John Mayne
Mayne Machinery Co

My family was stationed in Argentia from 75-78. I am a product of 3 years of Bristol Bulldog education. We lived in 927E and to this day I tell anyone who asks that Argentia, Newfoundland was the greatest duty station a dependent could ask for. The buildings may be gone but I will always have my memories.

David E. Harrelson

I arrived at Argentia as an EA1 Seabee in 1973 working with the great Newfoundlanders and fellow Seabees (esp. Loren Hoppel) of PWD Engineering, but then became the Command Career Counselor and switched to NC1; during the 1976 bicentennial, I was POIC of the Color Guard.  CAPT Lee was the skipper then.  I was commissioned at Arg in August 1976, then went to law school and became a Navy JAG before transferring to Army JAG.  I am now serving in Iraq , with over 37 years service.  Some may remember me either from the Color Guard (with Phil Smith, Kathy McGurgan, etc) or as Career Counselor from 1974-76 helping reenlistees get the duty of their choice and big bonuses. My wife was a RN who assisted at the base clinic and at the local Cottage Hospital.  My oldest son attended kindergarten and first grade at AL Bristol School, which was in sight of my 900 housing unit.
We loved Argentia and the Newfoundlanders, and will return some day for a visit (probably in the summertime!).

William (Bill) GLASSER
Colonel, Judge Advocate , U.S. Army
Command Judge Advocate
Joint Contracting Command - Iraq/Afghanistan

Howdy Bert, 

Jut ran across, accidentally, your site.  Argentia brought back lots of fond memories and some related ones that weren't too fond.  Ha ha. 

Noticed that only one person, Chuck Schoen, dated about the early 1940-45's, so I guess I can be called another REAL Old Man.  My permission granted. 

Lots of old military types so if nobody minds too much will say "Hi" to you all.  From another military type.  Actually I was in the U. S. Coast Guard. Enlisted in 1943 and lived through till the end of 1945.  Two years, eleven months, and twenty nine days. (Should have dragged my feet for one more day so I can say Three Years and let it go at that. 

During that time was in the crew of a Patrol Frigate (USS WOONSOCKET {PF-32) ) and home port of Boston, MA.  Argentia was our "home port away from home" while on North Atlantic SAR and Weather patrols. But let's get back to Argentia. 

Between our three week patrols in different areas of the North Atlantic we sailed into Argentia for fuel, supplies, and R&R.  We went to the Plancentia Rest Camp (that's what we called it back then) where we lived for several days in log buildings which were quarters for about fifteen persons at any one time. Log fireplace fires, did our own cooking, etc.  It was kind of "rustic" then but it was a welcome kind of life from the patrols and the rough seas we had to endure for those three weeks. 

I remember waking in the snow several miles to a small village that had one (really small) store in a house (probably) and it had racks of drying fish hanging on the patio-porch by the entrance.  (Of course cameras where a no-no back then so we didn't have anything for taking pictures.  Too bad.  But the highlight of going into Argentia Navy base was getting to go ashore to the PX and having ice cream on a hot waffle.  That we could really go for and enjoy. 

A m getting too long winded I guess so better toss out the anchor.  Have stuff to do around here but have given a priority to "memory traveling" for the past few minutes.  It's been marvelous. 

You may add my email address to your web page if you wish Bert.  Maybe someone will enjoy reading this in the Comments.  I have just printed out the 31 pages and am reading the Comments as I take a break or two until I finish reading. 

Cheerio for now.  God bless you all and good health.    Joe Heyde,  Chief Radioman, U.S.C.G. , Retired



Just came across your site while surfing on Google.  Good site, many, many memories.  I was a Marine stationed at Argentia from 1965-1967.  It was a unique and unforgettable experience.  Even wound up marrying a Newfoundlander a couple of years later! 

Thanks for the memories, and let's try to get some more Marines on this site! 

Semper fi! 

Bob Reinbold

 I was the last medical officer on the base, from Jul93 to Oct94.  I locked the doors to the medical clinic the final time 1Oct94 before boarding the ferry to N Sydney with the rest of the US base staff.  I appreciate you maintaining this site--- as well as the photos and comments from some of Arg's former tenants.  I share the dismay of a few of your contributors concerning the demolition of  the BOQ.  I lived on the 10th floor until I got married 1Jul94 and my wife and I moved up the hill to a house. I was hoping to someday return and show my kids the old "Q" but now, unfortunately, will be unable to do so.  I do have a few photos I will send when I can.

 Some of the people I met and worked with while at Argentia were the finest I've ever had the fortune to know. I hope to see and/or hear from some of them again.  Feel free to add my e-address to your list. 

 Thanks, again. 

Dr. Joseph Creighton ( 93-94)

  Great site.  I was stationed in Argentia form 1984 to 1988.  I served in the Generator shop out at the terminal building with UTCS Jeff Hickerson, EN3 Larry Turrile, EN3 Ernie Grey, ENFN Ed Ed Esterbrook, Buffy, Valerie, Dave Churchman, Al Adams, Keith Nicholas, and many more.  I met my wife of 18 years, OTA3 Liz (Culbertson) Evans there.  The fun that was had in Newfoundland was incredible, the snow, the wind, the fog, the parties but most of all the camaraderie.  Unfortunatly there were folks who did not have a good time.  I will retire next year and hope to get back for a visit to my friends in Newfoundland. 
Ken (Crowbar) Evans
A fellow OT sent me the link to your site. It's quite impressive. Even found a few people on your email list I was stationed with. I was stationed there from 73 to 75, first duty station. I really loved it there. I would appreciate it if you would add my email address to your list. My second duty station was Eleuthera. I finished my enlistment and went back to college and got my degree in Marine Biology. I own a business in Destin, Florida as a Landscape Designer. I will run through my pictures and send you some. I learned about photography while I was stationed there, from a friend. Lot of slides and black and white so I'll pick the best ones.

Richard E Kersten

Hi Bert,
My name is Joe Tafilowski, I was stationed at Argentia NAS from 1965-1966, was assigned to the weapons department as a Aviation Ordnanceman. I now live in New Jersey and work in Philadelphia. This is a very nice site, and thanks for all the photos.
My e-mail address is:
Hi!  Your site is terrific!  Thanks for doing it! Reading the comments is like walking down memory lane.  It doesn't seem to matter when you lived in Argentia, the experiences and feelings are the same.  My dad, Mr. Jim Toussaint, was the Special Services Director and manager of the Enlisted and Officer Clubs and North East Arms Camp from about 70-78.  It's nice to see that his long hours and hard work helped make Argentia memorable for so many! And yes, we all will fondly remember George, our favorite club bartender!  Please add my email address to your list:  Colleen Toussaint (dependent), 67-78.  Thanks!  Colleen  

  I was stationed in Argentia , Newfoundland from Dec 77 to Feb 80 and enjoyed my time there as it was my first duty station and I was newly married at the time. This from what I understood at the time was the only place in the navy that an E1 could get base housing. Of course when I found that out, I had my wife come up two weeks after I arrived!! She arrived in January and 78. We did go home to Florida for vacation once while we were stationed there. I enjoyed my time there and made many new friends. I would like to travel back there some day and see what the area is like now.  

Mike Temple, SK3 in Supply dept when stationed in Arg.

found your site, while browsing the Internet. Argentia was (and still) my favorite place on earth. I was there for about 25 months. I lived both in the Q and in base housing after getting married. I am sure I still have hundreds of pictures of the base etc. If you are interested let me know. I have hard copies but they could be scanned.
Dan Hartwig...........I cant believe the Q was destroyed!

I spent 3 years, 1957 to 1960 in squadron VW11, flew from Argentia to the Azores over 150 times and my brother was stationed there from1951 to 1953 

Roger Fulton & Hugh Fulton

Was doing some surfing around and found your site.  Great job!  I was stationed at the hospital at Argentia from July 1967 until June of 1969.  Was a 2nd Class Hospital Corpsman the whole time.  There can be no doubt - of the 7 years I was in the U.S. Navy the two at Argentia were the best!  We did a lot of hunting and fishing with folks from Placentia, Fox Harbour, and Colinet, and still think the Newfoundlanders are the greatest people we ever met.  My bride taught at A. L. Bristol School both years - 5th grade if memory serves.  We have been remiss in that we haven't been back, but now that we're both retired that's moved way up on our priority list.  We had a baby sitter from Fox Harbour, Phyllis Spurvey who we were able to locate several years ago but lost touch with her shortly thereafter.  We have some photographs from those days, and a maybe a few copies of the base newspaper.  If you like I'll try to scan those in and send them to ya.  Please add me to your mail list:  Thanks for your work on this! 

Mike Thompson, Jacksonville FL 

Holy Cow,
Found your site by accident. I had to laugh, I was stationed in Argentia between 1963-1965 with the Seabee and PWD "Snow Removal TEAM". I eventually was one of the base instructors for NBC Warfare Defense located at the underground Command Post on top of the hill towards the exit of the base.
I have fond memories as young lad, visiting Carbonear, Freshwater, Placentia and other great villages.
Keep smiling      Milton (Milt) DeLair
Surfing the net I found your site. It brought back a lot of memories. I was a young Ensign just out of jet flight training. Got orders to AEWWING staff ( mistake. unrestricted line Ensigns weren't supposed to be assigned to admirals staff.) Guess BUPERS saw that I had gone to COMM school and the staff needed someone to fill a slot. When I got there they decided to keep me. I was the only aviator below the rank of LCDR.  I learned a lot and eventually they made me an OPCON watch officer. I ended up as the only "highly qualified senior officer" who could stand the OPCON watch, Staff Duty officer and COMM watch officer at the same time. New Years Day, 1 Jan 58 I had a 7-4 watch and then was to have 3 days off. The weather dumped enough snow that I was relieved 3 days later. Couldn't get home even though I lived on base.
 My new bride was from Mississippi and Argentia was her intro to the Navy.  Talk about shock......we had fun though. A trip to St. Johns was something else. With her being from the deep south and trying to talk to the natives was fun. I ended up as an interpreter between 2 people who were both speaking English.
 Jay Rower, Argentia 58-59
I was with VW-13 from July 1962 to February, 1964. I knew Tom Shrewsbury, and Master Chief Flight Engineer,. Paul Legg , the MDO Chief for VW-13, .. He is going on 82 years old and lives in Norfolk Virginia. I live in Richmond, Virginia,
Bill  " lucky " Lawson
Hello from Indianapolis!
  My name is Jim Bennett (former OTA3/OTA2 Argentia 81-84)... My strongest memories were of meeting my wife and my 3 seasons of competitive rowing in fixed seat racing shells.  I married Carol Mahon  (Carol's dad - JOCS Raymond Mahon was AFRTS Det 1 OIC -  was on his twilight tour after 30 years Naval service (he'd met his wife there as well).  Carol and I have 3 children (Katelyn almost 21) is a senior at Ball State university in Muncie; James III is a sophomore at Warren Central High school and Kristen is in 8th grade at the local middle school.  After I retired from the navy in 99' we moved from Whidbey to Indianapolis.  Carol's folks settled here so we're close to family; her brother Richard is a now a 15 year veteran patrolman of IPD while older brother Bob is a GM goodwrench technician.   I'd be interested in hearing from any of my shipmates...Please add my email address to your list
Jim & Carol Bennett
Indianapolis, Indiana
Bleiler for some good memories.  Started tour as STO3 in November 1966 at
NAVFAC Argentia.  Flew many times with VP-45 crews, was a big change from
Key West Florida.

Ron Bleiler U.S. Navy, 1965-1969   

I would like to have our email address added to Your Argentia website email list. I worked on the base from 86-90 at the club , my Dad (George Wiscombe) also worked on the base he was the bartender in the Officer's Club retired June 94 after 40 years of working there. My husband Keith Nicolaus was stationed there from Dec 86-May-90 then we where lucky enough to get  stationed back to Argentia from Sept. 92-Oct 94.
Thank You Patsy Nicolaus ( )  
Hi Bert....Will you please include me on this site...I was stationed with FASRON 106 from Nov 58 to Nov 60 than  again from Oct 63 to Oct 65 with Naval Station Supply... I couldn't get enough the first time I had to go back for seconds......Thanks for you site....Charles (Andy) Anderson Retired AK1.....
Hi Bert
  I was with VW-13 Aircraft Maintenance Control from 62 to 63.    You have a great web site that brings back plenty of good memories.  I remember most the good friends I made there both on and off the base. 
Tom Shrewsbury
I was a GCA controller in unit 15 from 1959-1960 in Argentia.  I helped many land safely to begin their tours and return from the barrier patrols. 
Please share my email with the group. I wonder if there is any old friends still around.
Jack Thompson 1959-1960

Hello Bert,

What a nice Web Site.  I was browsing the internet when I came across your Site.  I was stationed in Argentia, my first command, an 18 month tour from May 89 thru the end of 90.  I checked onboard a SR, fresh out of boot camp/ATD and was assigned to Security.  I went on to SK “A” school afterwards, then to the USS Sylvania, SIMA Rhode Island, then finished my 8 year stint at Great Lakes in ILL, a week shy of taking the E-6 exam.  
I have many fond memories of being stationed on the “ROCK” and was by far, the best command of all.  I enjoyed all the fishing opportunities, as well as some hunting.  I met some truly wonderful people, Navy and locals.  My parents even visited me for a week while serving there and had a wonderful time.  I guess my to claim to fame while at  Argentia was painting murals in the kids play room/day care school.  The Ninja turtles, Bart Simpson, etc…  Also was fortunate enough the win the snow sculpture event in the Winter Carnival. 

Two of my good friends while serving there were Kevin Gathman (MM1) and Bud Beebe (MSSN),  I was later stationed with both at SIMA and then in Norfolk.  I have since lost touch though.  

I enjoyed Abdul Karim’s pictures, as I remember him and many of the people in his photos.  I will try to forward some pictures to you for this site as well.  

Once again, I enjoyed the site and will forward some pictures soon. 

Best Regards, Charlie Harder

Hello Bert,

I did a search for Argentia, NFLD and found your site. Thanks sooo much, it really brought back a lot of memories. I was just 8 years when my Dad was transferred from Norfolk to Argentia. He went first and my Mom & I flew up in November of 1954 in a cargo plane. The seats were canvas slings  strapped to the side of the plane. I entertained the group by reciting long Andy Griffith poems & singing "16 Tons". In my memory, the door of the plane was wide open & it was really cold. 

We lived off the base for quite a while. I walked up the road to the one room schoolhouse complete with woodstove & outhouse. There was one teacher for grades 1 thru 8. I think we were between the base & Placentia, but I don't know if it was Jerseyside. I can still see the house with the box outside the window that may Dad made for a fridge. It worked just fine. Wet clothes froze in the house. It was wonderland for a kid. I could go on & on with stories, beaver ponds, chasing sheep, the neighbor's horse that followed me in the house when I went in to him some marshmallows, the wild parties with the locals playing guitar & fiddle, salmon fishing.

 The pictures of the base stirred up more memories, many forgotten....the theater where I saw Bill Haley & the Comets in the movie "Rock Around the Clock", the porches on the apt. buildings that kept the snow from blowing dog slept there a lot. I threw a million snowballs at those walls. 

I am sending a jpg of my base badge. You can put it on the site if you want.
I have all the family photos now & can send more. 

I have told stories of that wild & amazing place to people over the years since we left in early 1956. People don't always "get it" so I am delighted to find this group of folks who can understand.

Oh, to be rowin in a dory!

Kathi Reyes

Hi Bert, Great site, My name is Bill Coale Was stationed in  Argentia 63-65 married a Power from Jerseyside, live in Virginia. Please put me on your site Email list. Thanks 

 Billy Coale- E-Mail

Hello Bert,
 My name is Dean Tannock and was stationed in Arg from 1981-83 as a OTASN-OTA3. After a google
search stumbled accross your site. It's a breath of fresh air! It brings back many memories.I do
recognize a couple of names from the list. After twenty four years you tend to forget some though. I
remember winter carnival fondly. I still have a couple of pins from 81-82. One is my favorite,it has
an outline of Newfoundland on it and reads "The world ends noon tomorrow,12:30 in Newfoundland". I can
remember all us broomball rookies slipping and sliding. Trying to play hockey and curling. Some of us
use to go to Arg pond during the winter months and skate all day and cook out on the ice. I would like to
hear from some folks I was stationed with,my email:
 Thanks again for the memories!
 Dean Tannock
Sr. Support Technician
Palco Telecom Service Inc
P: 256-883-3401 EXT 242  M: 256-603-2303
I am a certified member of the Argentia Foreign Legion. 
My framed certificate has been hanging on my wall for years, having served within "...the fog bound bosom of "Mae West"..." and have been accorded life long membership. 
I reported aboard  NAS Argentia on 7 July 1950 and was transferred stateside on 1 February 1952, serving 18 months, 3 weeks and 4 days.  I was an Air Controlman and spent many windy nights in the tower.
 Don Crumley
Chapel Hill, NC
Really enjoy your site. My name is Ralph Green, I was stationed at NavSta 71-73. I worked in Miami Hanger. I married a Newfie from Freshwater in 73 and am still happily married. We try to visit the Rock every year or two. It's sad to see there is nothing much left of the base,but I still look forward to seeing the inlaws and outlaws
Hi Bert,

I was born on the Rock, in November of '61, to a Navy pilot named John D. Williston, Jr. (yes, I'm a Squid Kid). I don't remember the place at all, since we only were stationed there for 18 mos, but my mom, Carol, has told me stories about my birthplace. Dad would have been a Lt, or maybe Lt JG at the time (I think--I'm kind of fuzzy on the ranks)--anyone out there remember them?
One of my mom's favorite stories is that when we moved stateside off the Rock to Rhode Island, Mom would take me and my older sister to the park and spread a blanket out on the grass for us. We stayed put on that blanket, no matter what, because (according to Mom), we had never seen grass before, and we'd get to the edge of the blanket and just stare, too terrified to touch the sea of weird green pointy stuff that surrounded us! Her peace was short-lived tho...we figured it out pretty soon and were off and running. She also told me how the weather could change from summer to winter in half an hour, and the rain always came down sideways. It wasn't her favorite place to be stationed, but she did have fond memories of the people there.

I plan on taking a trip this year back to the Rock....I haven't been back since I was born. Any advice on what to visit, also in St. John's? Thanks for your time.  Rebecca Paparo

Hi, I have been kind of lurking on your site for awhile, watching a lot of familiar names pop up and thought I'd check in.  Arg was the only other duty station I went to besides Dam Neck and I still miss it every day even though it's been 12 years since I left.  I was very saddened to see the pictures of the Q blown up.  Very glad to meet the founder of Winter Carnival.  Thanks for having this place, it's brought back a lot of nostalgia.
Kelly (Parchert) Drennan

Found the site. Wife and I were stationed at Arg. 72-75. She was with 1st Canadian detachment sent there in 72 (Eileen Hurley). I went as U.S. Navy in 73. We married on base Aug. 74. Ist Canadian/U.S. 'merger' as result of co-manning NAVFAC. Now live in Westport, NL. Wish to have e-mail address added to list. We have photos too.
Alex Harrold
Was surfing info re Argentia.  Awesome website - I was stationed at greenpine (10th floor q bldg) from Mar 86 to sep 86 when the AF closed the site down.  Presently at Minot ND, but miss Argentia.  A real eye opener when I saw Mark Bruegemann Photos, since we worked together at OL-a Greenpine. The day before I departed NFLD I took around 38 each 35mm exposures from top of Q bldg to encompass 360 degrees view.  Would like to add these to the Arg collection. Andrew Slavinsky
Hi Bert,
Thought I would drop you a line and attach a couple of the pictures I have of Argentia.  I served there from 1954-1956 as a Storekeeper.  Hope you enjoy the photo's.
Bill Molloy, Cohoes, NY
My name is Abdul Karim and I was stationed in Argentia from 1989-1993.  I started out in Supply as an SK and converted to BU.  Argentia was the best time I had in my whole life.  From the Civilian workers who provided the best MWR activities, to the camaraderie of the people stationed there, Argentia will always hold a special place in my heart.  Please add my e-mail address to your list so hopefully I can get in touch with some of the people I “grew up with” during my time there.
Hi Bert - I was stationed in Argentia about the same time as you 1977-1980, and was there again 1983-1984. It is a fitting picture that you have posted of yourself, as the thing I remember most about the winter carnivals was the owner/animal look alike competition.  I seem to remember that you and your pooch took first place!!!  Your web site has brought back many memories.  Most of them happy.  I was also with the CAF, did not marry an American and served just about twenty years in the Navy - I say just about, because I took the FRP program in my 19th year! I see many familiar names, people I have often wondered about.  My email is  It would be great to hear from old friends.
Kim Charest (nee Prentice)
  Well, I've finally made it to your site. It has been causing a little buzz among the remaining Oceanographic Operators (now SONAR Ops and others) in the Halifax area.  I served in Argentia from '89 to '92 and I must say it was the best time of my career.  Met a lot of friends and now as time goes by, often wonder where everyone is and how they are doing.  Hoping you place my name on the contact list.  Happy Holidays.
Tammy Stewart 
Hi Bert, I am Joe Pearce SK2, just stumbled on to your great site. Was stationed from 1961-1962. I was in Supply and worked with Mr. Murphy and Madeline. I was also on the stock batter. Had a great time fishing, going to the silver mines and Northeast arms on the holidays. If any of my mates check in they can reach me at. I am going to scan some pictures and send them to you.
I was stationed there in 1966-67. I've got photo's and other stuff, i would be glad to share with you. I just have to find them. Thomas L. Heritier
My name is Lance Bassett and was stationed at NAVFAC Argentia from 91-94.  great place.  Where do I submit photos?  May be able to dig some up.  Thanks 
Lance Bassett
Hi Bert,  My name is Gordon Dey.  I was deployed to NAS Argentia, April-Sept,1956, in VP-10. I flew a lot of shipping patrols and ice reconnaissance hops out of there.  I vividly remember the winds, icy runways and all that fog.  I was PPC of HK-10, my aircraft's side number.  We lived in the wooden BOQ next to the runway.  I didn't get off base very often so I don't have much background on what went on in town.  Our squadron was equipped with P2V-5F aircraft at the time. I now live in Pensacola, FL. Enjoyed your web site.  Put me on the list.
I was stationed in Argentia from 1973 - 1978 except for 6 months in 1975 when I went to Key West (Key Wasted) for OT  Maint school. We liked it so much I requested and got another tour. I also returned from 1981 - 1983 as a civilian contractor working for Bendix supporting the Navfac. Really enjoyed looking at the pictures....except for the one showing the destruction of the Q. Oh well.. all things must pass I guess. Will look for my old pictures of Arg and send any that are good. I have seen a few names of people I knew back then on the e-mail list.  Kent Beam

I was stationed at US Navfac Argentia NFLD from November 1989 thru March 1992.  I think they closed the base in 1994 right?  Anyway I was watching tv the other night and saw them demolish the "Q".  Wow and I used to work in that building with Persuppdet Argentia NFLD.  My son was born while stationed there.  I was hoping to one day take him back.  Guess I never will now.  I may have a few pictures I can scan of the base and I actually have a VHS tape of a trip driving over the base with my former father in law.  A lot of old bunker pics and the floats on the Northside.
Anyway, good site.  When I was stationed there I was US Navy (YN2).   Timothy R. Hass, SFC

My name is Charles Carter and I was stationed in Argentia at the Naval Facility from 1962-1964.  I remember turning 21 years old and going to the base club, then located below the chow hall.  The wind never stopped blowing and I was cold for 18 months.  One of my most enjoyable places was a little store in Dunville.  I still have a business card from that store.
Maybe you can add my name to your list.
Sincerely Charles Carter
I just found your site and really enjoyed it. I was stationed there from 2/72 to 7/74 as an OT. It was my favorite duty station. I have a ton of pics around someplace. If I can find them and get them scanned in, would be happy to send you some if you like. The pic of the Q being destroyed was kinda sad. I spent over two years there. I read thru the comments and recognized a few of the names. You have done a great job on the site. Keep up the good work. I hope to go back up to Arg one day, but won't recognize much any more from what I can see from several other sites on the net. If you have a mail list, I would like to be added to it if you would be so kind.
Bob Tinna 
Hello Bert, Discovered your Argentia web site. It is one of the best. My name is Claude Jones, my email address is  I was stationed at Argentia from Dec.24,1956 until Oct.7,1958. I was a stevedore attached to the Supply Dept. loading and unloading all cargo that came to and left there. After I got through the first winter (50 below 0) the only time in my life I saw the ocean freeze I started enjoying the place. I met a lot of really nice people who became great friends. My life time ambition was to go back and revisit the "Rock" which I did in July,2002. It was really great to plant my feet on Newfoundland soil once again after 44 years. the greatest moment was meeting a close friend who lived in Fox Harbor. The saddest moment was seeing the base with hardly nothing left. There were only about 6 of the original buildings thatwere there when I was there still standing. It was a crying shame to tear down all those bldgs. when someone could make use of them. I have a lot of pictures I took while stationed there and when I went back in 2002, If you are interested in seeing them let me know. It sure brought back a lot of memories seeing the pictures on your site. Claude

Bert, I stumbled across your site and wanted to check in. My name is Michelle Weddle ( Taylor ) I was an OT(A) stationed there from 1982-84 first as a reader and then DAC operator. I have many fond memories of Argentia. I remember the days getting up and riding the van to the NAVFAC with ice covered lakes on the left and an ocean covered with ice chunks to my right. I remember getting up at 0400 to go row with my team before work. Our Newfie coach would freeze us to death but we loved it. I remember hiking to the silver mines and partying in the bunkers after the club closed. It by far has been one of my best tours (you never forget your first tour)!! I left the rating when they switched our rating badge and now work as a nurse at Portsmouth . What always makes my day is for someone to point at my IUSS breast insignia and ask "What's that?". Pass my email and hope to hear from some old friends.  Thank you for this site!!!

Trying to locate friends that we had when they were stationed in Argentia around l960 or l961. Their names were Edward and Sylvia Betts.They lived in Greenes apts. in Placentia. If anyone knows of their whereabouts I would appreciate hearing from them. The last time we heard from them was in l973 and they were living in Florida at that time. My husband Don & I also worked in Argentia as civilians. Don worked at the Navy Exchange office and I with the Royal Bank. Lots of good memories from there.  Don & Geraldine Kearley

 I was stationed at Argentia from1953 to 1956. I love all the pictures, they bring back a lot fo good memories. My wife was there with me and our daughter was born there. We lived in Placentia. Leonard Barber  

I was stationed at Argentia from July 63 - May 65.  I was a on the staff of the Commander Airborne Early Warning Wing, Atlantic.  Being a Yeoman in the flag office was a geat experience.  My memories of the time spent in Newfoundland are fond, and  I often wonder what it would be like to go back to visit.  Would love to have my email address added to the site.  Geat site, thanks. George Everhart -

Greetings from out of the past.

I was stationed at NOB Argentia 1942-1944. Operated the radar on the hill and the magnetic loop detectors at the harbor entrance. Known as HECP (Harbor Entrance Control Post). I was a RDM 2/C (Radarman 2/C).  At that time a net was strung across the harbor entrance which was opened and closed by tugs. The base Navy complement was quite large at that time plus the continuos visiting ships, including Battleships.  We also knew of Mae West at that time. Site brings back memories. The first BOQ burned to the ground during that time.

Chuck Schoen 

Hi Bert,

I happened across your page while cruising the VPNAVY site and clicked on the link.  I was fortunate enough to spend many of my youthful days in Argentia.  I was there from '63 to late '65.  I did most of my stay in Ground Support Equipment just off the south taxiway.  Your site brought back lots of fond memories.  I have only seen one individual from there since I left and I wonder if it might the guy who posted pictures from his Cessna 172.  I had ferried a 172  from St. Mary's County, MD to Petersburg, VA in the early 80's for a  man who had been stationed in VW-11 or 13 and he talked about planning to make that trip.  Just checked my log book and yes that was the plane.  I flew it back to PTB for paint on Feb. 23, 1984... Small  world isn't it.   There are several guys that I have been trying to locate from the mid 60's so I would appreciate being added to your check in list.  Thanks for such a swell site. John Croley 

My name is Brian Lally and I to was stationed in Argentia from 89 to 91, I do have pictures but have to find them.  I was a Seabee with Public Works, now I am an MA stationed in Spain. Is there any way of adding me to the e-mail list so I can post my pictures, I’m still in contact with people that were there in the same time frame, as a matter of fact there are people here in Spain stationed with me now that were there in the same time frame.  Thank you.   P.S Stories will come
LT Bert . . . hi, just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your website. I have it added my favorites and check it often. I've contacted several old friends from your site. 

I was stationed there the same time as you were. At the time you were the Training Officer if I remember correctly. I was there so many times, I'm not sure what I was doing when you were there. My wife (Marilyn) is from Jerseyside. It certainly was a great place and we all had some good times there. I was lucky enough to spend a total of 12 years there. I retired (as a Senior Chief) in '99 and am living in Washington State now. 
I'm hoping to go through my old pictures and put together a small Arg website. If I don't have enough pictures, could I just send you a few pictures for your site? If I get the website together, I will certainly send you a link.

Thanks again for the site . . . Tim 

My name is Bill. I live in Pt. Verde Newfoundland. I can see Argentia from my living room window. Just wanted you to know that i have really enjoyed your site. I was born in 1961 and don't remember a lot about what the base was like. You have given me a lot of insight and i truly enjoyed looking at all the pics. I have several aunts who married Americans while stationed at the base and they live in different states. I forwarded them your site, so maybe they will contact you with some new info. Anyway there isn't much left of what the base use to be. Anyway thanks again.
Hi Bert
Thanks for sharing such a great site. I found some familar names in your comment and email section. Bob Schaal, Robert (Mike) Noonan, Jim and Marge Parisian. Hope that in time I find a few more familiar names. I lived on the base from 74 to 76 and then moved to the USA. I am a Newfoundlander, still living in the USA, but my heart is still on the Rock. Keep up the great site
Bunnie Collins 
I recently came upon your web site ..... it's amazing !!  I was stationed (USN DS-2) there Oct '77 - Nov '80 and worked out at the T-Bldg.  We have many memories of our tour at NAVFAC Argentia.  I especially recall the superb "Winter Carnival" activities.  Oh what fun during a dreary season.  As I reviewed your comments page, I recognized many familiar names.  We still keep in touch with Joe and Marilyn Morra often.  I'll pass this site along to them.
Thanks for the memories !!!
-Terry Bobbie 
I enjoyed the Argentia site very much.  I was posted there from 1986-1990 with the Canadian Forces.  I'm currently a Boating Safety Officer with the Canadian Coast Guard. I'm still living in Newfoundland.  Let me know if you would like some present day pictures of Argentia.
Kevin Pardy 
I really enjoyed finding this site.  I found at least 1 person I worked with.  Sure do miss the area and the job.  I was on the base rowing team in 1989.  OTA2 George Beaver 1987 - 1989 
Just paid a visit to your site on Argentia. Very good. I was station next door at McAndrew AFB from the fall of 1952 to 1954. My outfit was the 1st. Communications Construction Squadron. This past September I built a web site of photos from that period.   We also did some TDY to Narsarssuak during that period. When you have time, check it out.
My name is Rita Anderson and I was stationed in Arg from 1973-1974. Could you add me to your list? 
Thank you! 
Rita Anderson, Mountain Gold Press, (559) 692-2854,
My name is Jim Craft and I just happened to be doing a little surfing and found the website. It did bring back some memories.
I was an E.T. there from Sept. ' 73 to Jan. ' 75 and remember playing softball in the summer and having the fog roll in. Wow it was hard to see that ball. Had some good times and met some good people.
Here is my address if you would be so kind as to post me.
I am so glad I have found your site. I was stationed in Arg from 88-90, as an ET in the Electronics Maintenance Department. I am trying to get in touch with anyone that might remember me. I'll try to come up with some pictures, I know I have some somewhere. 
Thanks, ET2 Greg Whitfield 
My name is Walter Mathews (Matt). I was an Air Traffic Controller with RATCC 15 from 1965 - 1967. Along with Peter Anthony we spent more time off base than on. I have fond memories of Newfoundland and all its people. I remember hooking up with the guys from the Fleet side and practicing morse code with the light guns from both towers to pass the time on night shifts. Peter and I often talk of the great times we had at Argentia and after reading the e-mails from everyone we were not alone. Thanks for site and please add my name to the list.
Thanks,  Walter 
Hi Bert, 
My name is Peter Anthony and I was stationed at Argentia from 10-65 thru 04-67.  I was an Air Controlman in the tower, and worked 24/on and 48/off.  I was a John's Runner and spent all my free time in the city.   
I have many happy memories of my stay in Newfoundland, and one of the most vivid is taking 10 days leave from the USN  to work at the Salmonier Line Camp because the Magistrate in Placentia levied more traffic fines against me than I could pay.   
I would love to hear from anyone I was stationed with that remembers me.
 Thanks for puitting together such a nice website.
Peter Anthony
Rockford, Tennessee 
Bert I was Stationed at Argentia from Oct 73 to Oct 75. I have lots of  pictures from then but have to dig through them to see if there are any  interesting ones. I ran the Photo shop there while I was stationed there. 
Bob Purdy OT2 Argentia 10/1973 - 10/1975  Syracuse, NY
My name is Dan (SNOT) Sinnott.
I was reading all the entries of the people of Argentia. Very interesting! I was there from AUG 87 to AUG 89. I was an Oceanographic Operator(OCNOP). Worked on Section Alpha and in Quality Assurance(QA) in the "T" building. I miss all the friends that were made back then. Looking to get in touch with any of them. There were so many. Does anyone remember; "GRIFF", "SALLY" Rice, "Flip" and many more?
I was stationed there '85-87 as part of the USAF detachment called "Greenpine". Haven't seen any of my USAF counterparts checked in at the website yet, guess I'm the first. Let me know how I should send the photos, thanks for putting up this site. It's brought back a lot of memories. 
Mark Brueggemann, Albuquerque, NM, 
Just went to your website on the old Argentia NS base. I was assigned to VW-11, my very first squadron after getting my wings, and was home based there from 1962 to 1965. I married the daughter of the base special services manager and my oldest daughter was born there in 1964. The pictures bring back fond memories however the info about the BOQ is in error. It was built by the USAF in the 50's on a Hilton Hotel floor plan and served as the BOQ housing officers on 9 of the 10 floors with the 10th floor being for transient families. Each squadron had an entire floor assigned. I left just in January 65 just before the squadron was decommissioned. I have many many pictures on 8mm and 35mm film now transferred to VHS tape, if I could figure out a way to digitize and send it to you
 J.T.Webb CDR USN-Retired 
Hello, my name is Rick Motley and we were in Argentia twice the last being around 64 -67.My dad was Cousin John. He had a country radio show with AFRTS Argentia near the Blue Room, and also devoted most his off time to the kids providing entertainment at the teen club, Windjammer Club and Navy Exchange. He worked hard having such groups as The Ducats and Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels in Arg. He also worked with Tony Collins and The Sunnysiders. I have been searching for people that have been there during this period. My dad is now passed on but am trying to relive some wonderful memories of the ROCK.
Please write 
Sincerely John R. Motley now living in Nashville
Came across your site while looking for "Argentia" links on the net. Some of my best memories come from the "T"-Building and the 'Q'. I was stationed in Arg from May '86 to May '88. I met my wife to be in Agentia. Her name was Cindy Bush back then. These days, during those 3 hour business meetings a work, I often find my mind wondering back to the days at Arg and every once in a while I can almost hear some yell, "Bermuda just flashed a Type I !"Those were definately the good old days.
Thanks for all your hard work on this site.
Take care.
Dave Jaynes (OTA1) 
My name is Jerry Casault.  I was an OT2 stationed at Argentia from 82-85, with my wife Wendy and kids, Jennifer, Craig, Jessica and Jerolyn.  Jerolyn, now 20 was born in St. Johns. 
People might remember me from playing guitar. I remember one time, I was playing guitar in the officer/chiefs club, Capt. Bunch as if I could play John Denver's "Country Roads". I played it and he came over and said he'd like to buy me a beer.  I said, "I'm sorry Capt. but, I have a mid watch".  A couple minutes later he came back with a beer and said "don't worry about the watch, it's all taken care of", thank you John Denver.
I've been a musician (with a day job) since, Argentia put me in a direction of Celtic and nautical music, we do sea shanties,songs about Naval history and the Great Lakes.  Visit our Website, and sign the ships log, . 
Fairwinds,    Jerry 
I was with the CF Detachment at Argentia from 1974 to 1976 as a Watch Officer, and have enjoyed seeing so many familiar places and names on this website.     A note for Jim Rose: I'd like to get in touch with you and Mary Ann, but your e-mail address bounced!    Penny King
            I was stationed there 1982-1983 (18 months).  I have quite a few pictures that I can send you to post if you can.
I was an OTASA - OTA3 there during my tenure.  Absolutely loved the place, and intend on going back for a visit some day. Thanks for the memories.
Troy Furman 
Hello Bert,

Just surfed into your website and it stirred up some great memories. I was stationed at NAVFAC Argentia 1961-1962. Please include my email on your list. I am very interested in reading other stories about the "haven for seagulls". Thats how Bob Hope refered to Argentia when he came with his show in 1961.

Best regards, Tom Hutter 

We were stationed at Argentia from 1977-1980. Ron was there from January 1977 through June 1980 in Public Works as a Builder, then went on to Dive School and UCT-1. He went back to Argentia several times with the dive unit until the base closed. He retired in 1997 and found another job where he didn't have to grow up...he is a Police Officer in Virginia Beach. I was a Dental Technician at Arg from 1978-1980.  We were married in Nfld in Feb 1980. We have 2 children, Ron, 22 and Mallory, 20.
We have fond memories of our time in Newfoundland and plan a return visit soon.
Last weekend (July 11, 2003) we had a wonderful reunion in Pa. with good friends we were stationed with in Nfld that we had not seen in 23 years.  Ray and Janette Weber and Geno Baldini and Nancy Biagini.  After a few drinks we took a vote and the decision was unanimous...besides a few gray hairs....we all look the same.
We have enjoyed reading everyone's postings on this website and plan on submitting photos in the future.
Ron and Therese (Kelly) Carr

Hi, I’m Ray Weber (UT-2 02/79 – 08/80) my wife (Jannette a Newf) just spent 4 days (07/10 – 07/13) in Donora, PA. hooking up with Geno Baldini (HM-3) and Ron & Therese Carr (Bu-3 & DT-3). We have kept in touch even though I lost contact with Geno for over 20 years. It was GREAT to have a reunion after 23 years. My wife and I have lived in Kennewick, WA. since I got out of the Navy. I am a maintenance consultant and Jannette is the Director of Hospice here in the Tri-Cities. Ron & Therese told us about the website, looks Great and Thank you for putting it together. 

Ray Weber 

My name is Nelson J. Coleman, I was stationed at Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada from 1985-1988.  I was an YN1 and worked in Central Files in the Q.  I would like to be included on the E mail listing if possible.  I presently live in Theodore, Alabama, but I loved my tour of duty at Argentia and was saddened to hear of the Q's (death), surely they could have used it for something.  I guess that is progress. 
Thank you, Nelson J. Coleman
Great site - mo amaya put us on to it. Can we get our name on the list ? Merrill (Doc) Zeeck and Carol (Grif). Doc was in Arg from 66 - 70 and 74 -76 and "Grif" from 73 - 75.Met and married in Arg - still together...2 kids Cathy 17 and Chris 21. Chris following Dad's footsteps Navy AT2 stationed in NAS Whidbey Is, Wa.waiting to go overseas. We live in South Dakota now. Thanks...Grif 
Burt, I have enjoyed reading about the experiences of personnel stationed at Arg.  I was there from early 64 to mid 65 when they shut down VW 11 and Vw13.  I was assigned to the AIMD parachute loft.  I worked for a PRC named Toney Scott.  I married a girl from Foxtrap and we live in Virginia Beach, VA. 
    We hav a Newfi/St Patrick's day party every year, this year it's March 8 and I would like to invite any of your readers to join us if they live close to this area.  There are a good number of Newfs in this area and we have a great time. My name is Terry Fahey and my wife is Louise (nee) Rideout.
    You can add my E-mail to you list as I would like to hear from anyone that was in Arg. at that time.  We are planning to visit this summer and our 3 yr old grandson will visit for the first time.  
Thanks for the site Terry 
I was a Navy E-3 stationed in Argentia, Newfoundland 1974-76 assigned to the Special Services Department. 
I would like to be added to the comment and e-mail list.
Bruce A. Williams 
I can't tell you how GREAT it was to find the Arg sight....I just can't seem to get the place out of me mind...I was there from 75-80. Cathy Troughton - PVT- worked in the electronics in the fac the last couple of years......Married Steve Pitt (DS2) in Placentia, 1980.  
Looking for anybody who was attached to the main supply dept from April 1957 to Dec 1958
One was a guy by the name of Gray.  He was around 6'4/5" tall.  Also a 2nd class storekeeper who was married and had two girls and they were at the time around 8 to 10 years old.0.
His name was Sam Driscoll
David Willis 
I was stationed with VW-13 (4/64-7/65) and VW-11 (8/65-10/65) at NS Argentia, Nfld. The weather was brutal (but the people weren't) especially for a kid from Yuma, Arizona! As I understand it, the old base is totally gone and about the only thing left are memories...
Earles L. McCaul 

I was just reading your comments from the Argentia, Newfoundland web page. I too, was stationed at NS Argentia from Feb. 1961 through August 1962 and again from October 1963 to July 1965. Argentia was my first real duty assignment in the Navy. Previously being ships company at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard scheduled to go aboard the USS Constellation CVA-62 in Brooklyn, NY. When the conning tower burnt I was diverted to NS Argentia. During my first tour I was assigned to the NS Crash Crew (just down from the tower) beside the taxiway down to the AIMD Hanger and the seaplane ramp.....I reported in as an Airman and made ADR-3 while in the Crash Crew. I was transferred to VP-8 in Pax River and after a year their (Cuban Quarantine) I re enlisted for 6 years and an assignment back to Argentia....My second tour was in the AIMD Engine Buildup Shop as a ADR-2.... I repaired the R-3350, R4360, R2000 and R1820 recipicating engines as well as the Woodward Prop Governors for the Willy Victor Squadrons...I was changed over to ADJ-2 and the ADR designation went away..Later on in my second tour I was the NCOIC of the Transit Line Division at the Tower.....During my second tour Bob Hope came to entertain the base and Comm. Station......I was one of the Shore Patrol assigned to escort him and his party around the installations.....I also did the security detail when they were in the Q.....I had the privilege to meet Jane Mansfield, Mickey Hagerty (her husband), Jerry Colona, Les Brown and his Band and Miss World of 1964..(she was from London If I remember correctly)  ....It saddens me to see the pictures of Argentia now , remembering how it was before....The base, country and experiences I lived as a 18 year old ( up through 21) has remained with me all these years........  I really love Newfoundland and the people.... I was married in St. John's Basicilla Catholic Church and had a daughter born 21 May 1964 in the Naval Hospital at Argentia.... Un fortunately my marriage didn't work out and I haven't seen my daughter since she was three years old....... I'm hoping that maybe she may see this and contact me.... I changed over to the USAF in 1970 and retired in 1982... I now live in Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Please add me to your comments section and my e mail address to the list of contacts......Thanks 

Woody R. Freeman, TSgt USAF Ret.    
I was stationed at Arg from April 79 until December 80. I was assigned to the PW Dept (UT3). I left there and went to Antarctica (Operation Deep Freeze Winter Over Party 1981)
Loved your site and was really sad to hear that everything is gone now. I saw the implosion of the Q and was totally shocked to see the Party Capital of the North Atlantic leveled so quickly.
Please add my information to your list. I would love to hear from anybody / everybody.
Hello to Lynn Masters and Capt. Peebles.

Steven Benbrook
Superintendent of Utilities
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Physical Plant
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas  75390-9099
I was stationed in Argentia from 77-78 as a Dental Technician. I would like to have my name added to your list. I remember the Green family out in Placentia. The Bishop family out in Danville. Peter Burrin the guy who pulled the Janitorial duties in the main building. I was a Dare Devil of sorts, jumped off the Fox Harbor Bridge,I swam from the Swans to Bettys Hole while the Gut was running full, and couldnt get back. A Newf Teenager "Borrowed" a Dory to come and get me. A friend of mine Walt reagan and I took a canoe with a motor all the way from the arms camp to the Gut and ran it we got out in the bay and nearly lost the canoe to the waves coming in. Also did some Polar bear swims, nearly drowned on one, when the waves and snow obstructed my vision. Ive got slides a plenty. and will scan some for you. To any who might remember me. I'm married with 5 children. You never ever really leave Arg. Sincerly, John T. Williams Dental Tech. 
Former RM2 Robert Ruth Jul85 - Jun89. Some of the best years of my live. Please add my Address to you  list:  Thank you for your site I visit often.
   I have enjoyed surfing through your site about Argentia.  I was an ET in the Cal Lab from 84-87.  I'd appreciate you adding my email address to the site.  My information is listed below.  Thanks again.
Peter Carrick
    I have been visiting your page on Navfac Argentia. I was stationed there as a RM3 from 61-63 and would like to add my name to the list. (E-Mail) Some of the pictures there bring back a lot of memories. Karwood Cabins etc. I don't remember the new admin building. I believe they were building it while I was there but not sure.
     Great page. Wish more had their names on there.  I have to say I loved Argentia. My trips on the dirt road of the TCH that linked to the paved surface on the way to St Johns provided me with a lot of adventure. A Jimmie Orr and I took that road many times on our "96". Got stuck on the side of the road one time and waited for the Mounties to pull us out. I lived in the barracks across the street from the chow hall on the south side. (Near the Gee-Dunk)
 Don MC Cormick
Hi Bert,
My name is William (Willie) Gronberg. I was in VW-11 from 1955-1957. During that time we were deployed to Argentia three times. It was a scramble the first time trying to gain an "up" status on as many aircraft as possible in a few short hours.
The July 2002 issue of Aviation History has a nice article on the Willie Victors, the VW squadrons, and the base at Argentia. It mentioned the "Newfie Hilton", home for the officers, but not the fact that the enlisted men were put in abandoned barracks with broken windows, cockroaches, and no laundry facilities at all (unless you consider a washbowl a facility). In between flights we worked together to clean the place up and made it fit for habitation. We became much closer than when we were at Patuxent River. This experience made men out of boys-we stuck together.
We found that Newfoundland was a beautiful place once you left the front gate and saw the trees and the fishing villages (where much of our food was purchased). To wear a foul weather jacket in the summer, though, was really a change from anything I had ever done.
My Willie Victor experience was one big learning curve. As an electrician my duties on a barrier were minimal until I had to turn raw chicken into a meal for the whole crew. I'll bet some of those men were really hungry by the time I finished.
Good site, Bert, I look forward to keeping posted.
William H. Gronberg AEM3 
I was stationed in Argentia from Sept'88-May'91. I gave birth to my second child there at St. Claire's Mercy Hospital in St. John's. Before I left I made a souvenir baby. I will always have fond memories of that place. I was a CE2 working at PWD in the Maintenance Shop. I'm now out of the Navy and a dependent wife. We are currently here in Virginia Beach, VA. In March there was a big Newfie St. Patrick's Day party here it. My husband and I ran into some people we remembered from there. It seems there is quit a lot of Newfs here along with others that were stationed there. Looking at the pictures on this sure brought back some memories.
Annette Tufts 
I was station at NavFac Arentia form Jan 1971 to Jul 72, as a member of System Maintenance in Ops (ET1). I came to Argentia from NavFac Eluethera (69-70).  I was as in charge of Electronic Plug-in repair.  I left active duty in 1975 after 8 years service and transferred to the Naval Reserve.  I retired 1993 as an ETC after 25 years service. 
We are in the country outside of Spring Hill, Ks (20 miles south west of Kansas City). 
Retired from AT&T in June 2000 and started the next week as a manager for Sprint PCS.

John & Dorothy & Mavie Heizer 
I really like your site and I would like to know how to check in.  I was stationed at Arg with the first Canadians from 72 to 74 or 75 and then back again for several months in 77.My email address is
Irene Moodie-Johnson
I was in VW-15, then to VW-11 when 15 decommissioned, then to VW-13 when they transferred to Arg. All from 1960 to 1964. Many good memories, many happy memories also some very sad memories for fellow airmen who where killed or lost during that time. Will compose a short bio and history as I remember Arg. 
Charles McCombs

You have a great site!  My name is Jeff Vuiller and I was stationed there from 1986-89.  Worked at Public Works Maintenance, went from a BUCN to BU2 in Argentia.  I miss that place with all of my heart, made some good friends during my tour.  I saw the Q implosion on TV and was in disbelief, a lot of good memories up on the 6-9 floors; all of the hall parties.  Speaking of parties, how about the real crazy ones at the Arms Camp?  And ice fishing up on Arg pond, burning pallets we swiped at the commissary to stay warm.  Shooting skeet across the street from the Q.  Also the WINTER CARNIVALS, three days of fun and friendly competition, and plenty of booze.  I could go on forever talking about Argentia!
My son Zachary was born in
St. Johns , so he’s an official “Newfie”.   I’m looking forward to the day my wife and I take him back to Newfoundland to see where it all started for him.  Presently I’m a BUC stationed in Puerto Rico at Camp Moscrip 2ND Brigade Det Atlantic.
I would love to hear from anybody that was there during my time that might remember me.  Thanks for the site!!
My email:

Suzy Johnson (Lawrence) ex-OT2. Figured it was time to add my name to the list. Was there in 78-79. LOTS of good people. Have found a couple of old buddies already. Just remembering the good 'ol days. Married HMCS Rush Johnson after leaving there. Please add my e-mail address. Excellent site. Keep up the good work.
Enjoyed your Argentia web pages. Keep up the good work.

I was there as EMO 1972-73 and fondly remember the people, the good times, and the interesting(?) weather. I too remember wandering the hills amongst the bunkers behind housing. I understand that George, the officer club bartender, has moved on to join his maker. He was a wonderful addition to the club. You could'nt get from the entrance to the bar that George didn't have your regular drink poured and waiting for you.
As for the weather, I remember one time when my mother-in-law visited, she went outside to take a picture of the fog to show her friends in Chicago who would never believe that she was there for seven days and saw nothing but fog at 45 knots! And our Navy picked this as a good access point for aircraft???
Please add my name, Jerry Kosowski - to your email list.
Jerry in Little Rock õ¿õ
Just found your site and enjoyed looking at all the pictures and seeing familiar names of the past.  I was stationed in Arg from 1966-1969, married a newf, bought a volkswagen and shipped over.  Living in Virginia now but still have my little newfy with me.  We have four children ( one born in Argentia) the others were born in Bermuda, Wales and California.  We have 7 grandchildren and luckily we all live in close proximity and see each other often.  I went and got all my old pictures from argentia and St. Johns out and reviewed them for the first time in years.  Thanks for the great site and memories.  Jack Thompson USN Retired 
Great site, worked in Arg from 88-90, as an OTA..Have very fond memories of
that place and the people from Newfoundland. Retired now and living and
working in Va. Beach, and know alot of Newfies here who would love to see this site.
Chris Schneider
Hello Bert,
     You have a nice web-site.  I was stationed at NAS Argentia from 1956 until 1958 assigned to the Personnel Office. Thanks again for the web site.
Bill Grice, EX-PN2
I stumbled on to your Argentia web site and enjoyed seeing pictures of old familiar places. You might want to modify the caption on your shot of the Q -- It was actually completed in mid-1957. I moved in in August of that year shortly before completing my 2-year tour at the NavSta.

Also, if you would, please add my name to the e-mail addresses shown on the Argentia List page -- Someone from my era just might stumble across it as I did and turn out to be a old shipmate. Thanks -

George Aster
Thanks so much for the memories. This site has shook up some old brain cells and brought names, faces, and places,  back to me. Since my first visit to the site. I have touched ground with six, of my former maties.
Loved the pictures. Wish there were more. As I lost most of the snap shots I had in Norfolk Va.
I was stationed both in Argentia, 70 through 72. and COSL, 72 through 74. As a Radioman.
Thanks Again
Jim Freeman
Effingham Illinois
Hello.  I am Maureen Amaya and I was in the Canadian Military, stationed in Argentia Newfoundland from 1974 - 1978. I know John and Debbie Speer well.  I worked with them both.  I would like to be added to the e-mail list of your web site. I have lived in Washington State for the past 7 years.  I also knew Robbi Hoffsteter.
Hi Bert,  Your Website is fantastic,  I worked at the Argentia base from 1958  until it closed in 1994 as a civilian with the Navy Exchange as the Accounting Officer.   I would love to heard from or know the whereabouts of some of my good American friends of long ago.
Charlie Hefford.
Hi There.  We just found this web site and we were so excited about it. Now we remembered you as soon as we saw it as we were stationed there from 1973to1978. Of course I am from Placentia , Jim my husband was Chief Hospital Corpsman and we are still in touch with a lot of people who were stationed there . I was looking for a Robbi  HOFFSTEDER who was with the Canadian Forces . Please get in touch  Jim.  I think this is really GREAT   
Hello! my name is MS2 Thomas Keller.
I was just surfing around and found the site. It was amazing to see the names and e-mails from several people I remember from when I was at Arg from 85-90 
Hello Bert I'm Martin Milano and I also was surfing around and came upon the site its great. I know a few of the ppl on the E-mail list and was stationed there as an OT from 1975-1979. I have some photos that I might be able to scan in there and send to you could be interesting some of them are from an 80 at the arms camp. Post my e-mail if you would like. Thanks
                                               Martin Milano

            I came across your site while looking for info. in my search for
my father John (Johnny) Edwards, who was stationed at the base in 1958-1960.
His home base was in Bethesda, Maryland at that time. He was a 3rd class
seaman and mechanic working on the aircraft. He would be about 65-68 years of
age now. I have already begun corresponding with on gal out in Argentia.
She's in the same boat (l0l) as I am. Nice to make that kind of connection. I
too, wish there was a website set up for us children who are "products" of
the base to assist us in reuniting with parents and siblings. Is there any
way you could post this e-mail for me? Maybe somebody who knows my father
will recognise the info. and help out. Thanks for a great site. I will be
checking it out often!!!!!             -Kim

Bumped into this site. Looks great. I was stationed there from 1975 to 1978, Seabees. Would like to add my name to your list.
Raymond Bilodeau, Electrician, Seabees, Jan 1975 to April 1978.
Thanks for setting up and managing this site.  I was stationed at Arg from 73-75 and my wife Debra (Schulz) Speer ( was there from 74-76.  We were both OTs.  We really enjoyed touring your site and the links.  We'd really like to hear from others who were there with us in the 70s.
I heard about The Q implosion from Ed Kizale who recently saw it on RealTV, but had not seen it myself until I found this link ( ) a few links down from your link list. 
Thanks again,  
John Speer (
Snohomish, WA
I was stationed at NAS Argentia from January 1966 to aboaut July 1967,  Anybody on this list aout that same time.  I was a GMG2 assigned to the
weapons department/
Bob Johnson
My name is Karen, and I need help locating someone.  The person I am looking for was stationed in Argentia around 1965 to 1966. I know this
man left there in 1966 so I'm not sure how long he was there before that.  His name is Charlie Wolfe.  Don't know where he was from or how
old he was then.  All I know is that today he would be around 55 to 60 yrs of age,  and that he was stationed there.  I would really app. any
help you can offer.
Yours truly
Bert,a great site. Brought back many fine memories. Please add my name to your site. I was an SK3 at NavFac from 2/70 to 8/71.We lived on the 6th floor of the BOQ  and i still remember beer machines in the hallway for 25 cents and the Condition One snow storms.  Exploring old ammo bunkers really gave the feeling that Argentia was a very important base at one time. I do have alot of pictures of the base and surrounding area and after reading all these messages I've got to dig them out Thanks again Skip Cox. Long Island,N.Y.
Was just doing some surfing and came across your site.  Was stationed at NAS from Oct 51 until Sep 53. As such we established the FWC in 1952.  Which was 50 years ago.  would enjoy hearingfrom any of those old timers who were there at that time.  would like to come back up for 50 years but can't do it this year it might have to wait until 03.
Bob Schehrer former Aerographer's mate. Fwc 103 
 Iwas stationed at the Navfac from 1989-1991. I would like to hear from some
of the people that I was there with, both Canadian and American. Do you know
of a web ring, etc for those stationed in Argentia?
I can also be reached at my other email address:
Scott Rose
Thanks for the site.  I was stationed in Argentia twice during the 60's.  1962 to 1963 and again from 1965 to 1967.  In 1964 I married a Newfie and became a member of their family.  We moved to California making frequent visits impossible, once in the mid 70's and an extended stay in the early 80's.  I spent New Year's Eve 2000 on the waterfront in St John's and have just returned from another visit this past summer.  Newfoundlanders are wonderful people, and those close to Argentia miss the base too.  I had occasion to drive around the base and there are not many structure left.  I was a Navy Journalist and worked at the base radio station, VOUS.  The Canadian Coast Guard now occupies that building and it stands all alone.  I remember the Marine Barracks (and the Blue Room) used to be across the parking lot from the station.  I did not notice many hits coming from people that had been the! re during my time in the 60's but did read of a national guardsman serving in San Jose California, my home town.  The world is pretty small after all, and I learned of your site from a Newfoundland buddy who also keeps in touch with all his American Buddies using the Web.  He told me about a special service that was held in Placentia at the Sacred Heart Parish the week after the WTC attack, the Church filled to overflow and they all sung "God Bless America."  Please add my name to your list, I'd love to hear from anyone whose path I may have crossed 
--- Douglas Burtner