Russ Burkhard Images




Red Island  fog starting to 'burn off'Red Island from beach about 100-150yrds north of NAVFACQ from just up from the auto hobby shop.  Note:  Ice formations on shoreline.  (wish I had a better camera then!)The future Mrs. Mary Burkhard (Mary Jones) summer of 1973: on the base 22ft sail boat as we pass the a harbor buoy ready to round the turn and head out past the light pier.N2 Richey Wolfe in the vendo-mat at the Q 1972,  With his 'eelfish' as we called it.T-building (can't remember who this guy is)Party at Northeast Arms.  This is the NAVFAC Singles from NAVFAC Admin and M&S Depts.  French FF with: L-R SK3 Skip Cox, YNSN Al Frick and PN3 Pete McKinnon.French FF in port over a weekend (71-72)  I volunteered be one of a few drivers to shuttle crewmembers to the exchange, club etc.Base from my room 6th deck spring 1971Fog rolling in - NS/SS cut - also known as the back gate. 1971Q- Snow from NEX parking lot 1971Christmas tree outside NAVFAC MAA Office, 6th deck, 24DEC7012:00 hours 4 July 1974:  "Commence 21 gun salute in celebration of the 4th of July".
12:00 hours 4 July 1974:  "Commence 21 gun salute in celebration of the 4th of July".

Group Picture:  Standing L-R:  LTJG Joenette(sp), AN Andréa Delefosse, Unk, Unk, (One was a GMSN), YN2 Russ Burkhard, Kneeling  UNK, PNSN Jim Webb and PNSN Phil Galigar

1961 Barrier flights,  use of 10957 Branch postmark.

1946 post-WWII, Postmark from Actual town of Argentia.  Female dorm on base.

Mar 16, 1942, "Naval Operating Base" - censor marking.

USMC cover;  March 1941 - pre WWII, first US presence.Placentia channel from Castle Hill