Claude Jones, 1956 - 1958

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New mess hall between baracks 108 and 112 on South Side

Barracks 108 which I lived in for 21 1/2 months

On top of barracks 108 looking towards the ocean

Parade in front of new mess hall   On right Air Force Gym with BOQ Building in background Big gun near base housing on South Side Gun looking across Bay
Magazines near gun View across Bay

Me in front of abandoned silver mine 

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William Carson Ferry making one of its biweekly trips from Nova Scotia William Carson docking

Me with floating dry dock ( ARD 18 ) which was tied up at ship repair dock in background

ARD 18 leaving Argentia being towed back to states
Ship Repair  Ship Repair  People who watched soapbox derby race I think was on July 4 1958 taking in front of Chiefs Club looking towards base housing
Racers coming down hill from BOQ Swimming in Argentia Pond and Mae West Claude Not to clear but showing the bay frozen (Feb. 1957 50 below 0 )