Photos from Bill Dakermann

Here's a few more pictures that I took during my tour at Argentia from 1964 to 1966.  These are picture's of the facility that they had on Lake Jubilee for fishing and hunting.  Went there three times...two fishing trips and one moose hunting trip.  Had a great time there....I love fishing and hunting and I have to say fishing and hunting in Newfoundland had to be the best I've ever done in my life.  Hope someone see's these picture's and it brings them memories of their trip to Lake Jubilee.  .


The town of Argentia taken from Marine Barracks  1965
View  of the bay
Getting ready to go on Main Gate Duty
Marine Corps Birthday Ball 1st Platoon Celebrating 1965
Someone else always has to get in the picture
L-R.  LCpl Coy, Pfc Doug Fowler, Pfc Downard & Pfc Ulis
Here's to the Marine Corps Birthday, Cheers
Major in the Royal Canadian Army attending Marine Corps Ball