Daniel C Lyon


Hi my Dad Daniel C Lyon SK2 was stationed there after WW2 in 1946-48 He ran a crash boat for support of the Berlin Airlift group. He died 3 years ago and I just received his pictures from then, 2 pictures of the crash boat and a Douglas DC-4 in front of the Hanger all three photo’s are marked Argentia, Newfoundland 1948. The 63 foot Crash Boat in the Boathouse is stuck in Ice 18 inches thick you can see where my Dad walked out on the Ice to take the picture his footprints lead up to the camera. The second photo of the 63 foot crash boat is him taking it out.  The Crew and location are on the back D.C Lyon Cox (WW2 Rating same as Chief petty Officer) was later changed to SK-2 same as petty Officer 2nd class typical Navy screwup 1946-48, H.O Hannrahan “Snipe" 1947-48, T. Mustine Seaman 1947-48, J.P. Malito Seaman 1947-48, W.P. Morris Radio 1947-48. By the way that is my artwork on the back of the DC-4 Photo I was 6 years old when I did it my Dad was not impressed.