Stacy L. Norris



Stacy L Norris – ENC1. He made Chief while stationed there; he and Wally Chase. For the first two years he was stationed at Naval Station Argentia and when he extended he was transferred to the Naval Facility. When he made Chief we were transferred to Great Lakes Naval Station.


We had two children while stationed at Argentia: Stacy Katherine was born in the ‘Q’ in 1972 and Jason was born at ‘The Grace’ hospital in St. Johns in 1974.


We were stationed with Bob and Marilyn Myers, ‘Navarette’, Wally and Sharon Chase and others who’s names have escaped me at the moment.


We arrived 9/3/71 and left in September of 74. We went to Great Lakes where he wrote the course for Engineering for the new Spruance Class ships and he taught there for almost four years. Our third child, Betsy was born while we were stationed at Great Lakes.


He in1978 he was promoted to Warrant Officer.


May1,1978 we arrived in Gitmo where he passed on March 13, 1979 of a heart attack.


At Great Lakes they built a new Diesel/Gas Turbine school and named it for and dedicated it to him. The picture I have attached was taken about a year before his death.  I also attached a picture of the plaque that is beside his picture at the training facility at Great Lakes.


I am doing a scrapbook of his career so your site really was encouraging as well as quite a trip down memory lane. My first child was born in the ‘Q’ and my second was born in St. Johns!


Dianna Norris