NEW I am looking for a man who would have been posted at Argentia in 1964 or so, he was approximately 20 at the time, originally from Florida. He had a relationship with a local girl who was also about 20. She later went to Halifax, NS and had his child at the Home of the Guardian Angel in Halifax, NS. I believe she told people in her home town she was attending business school in Halifax, NS. I am not sure if this was true or not. I understand both parties have since married other people and have had families of their own. I know she lives in Newfoundland and has had five children with her husband and gave one other child (male) up for adoption in Newfoundland. This man I am looking for is unaware she had his child who was adopted. This child is me. I am now 50 years old with grown children of my own. I would like any information possible to help me piece together my history. I am not interested in disrupting anyoneís life. I just want to know where I came from.

Nancy E. Baker     Nancy.Baker@novascotia.ca

 I am trying to track down issues of Foghorn from about November 1964-March 1965 for research as part of a masters thesis I am writing on an obscure musician named Steve Davis who embarked on a tour of U.S. bases in Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland around that time, with a larger group led by a singer named Billy Williams and a drummer named Les DeMerle.

Joe Dimech  joe6167@yorku.ca

Hello. My name is Christopher Haigler. My mother, Yvonne Haigler was stationed there around April 1981, and after many heated arguments, she finally gave up my dad's name, Coney Cone. (Not sure of the actual spelling) As I am experiencing some strange medical issues, I really need information on him. Any help you can give me would be awesome.
Chris Cultist cjhaigler@gmail.com]





Wayne Ginther's Argentia tattoo

Christy Brown has a great Argentia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2425255884/?fref=nf

Rebecca Bradley is looking for a James Thrasher who was at the base in 1969. He may have been a cook. If anyone knows how to reach him please email argentia@live.com

Glenn Horsmann, 63-66, MU3, Naval Unit #118 has checked in.

David Prokity spliced some of his dad's ( Melvin H. Prokity) 8mm film together of some of the air operations in Argentia from Winter 1958 to Summer 1959. Video

Hello. My name is Julie Henninger. I am looking for someone who was stationed at Argentine navy base in 1987. His name is John Hick. Can you help me out with this? I believe he would have arrived at that base in May or June of 1987. He was enlisted at that time.. possibly  4 stripes? Thank you... free2006jules@yahoo.com

Wayne Ginther photos

Would like to hear from brothers of the Argentia Foreign Legion...ETN3 David Sanford 70-71. Argentia Drag Club member, Base Softball team, NavFac ETs football, volleyball, ETC. Daughter born in St Johns.  Lots of fishing, cribbage on duty nights....remarkable tour of duty.  Great Site, Thanks! dsanford1952@hotmali.com

Bill Netsch, EN3 Boathouse 1, 1961-62 photos

Frank Braddock, whose parents, Frank & Cecil Braddock were stationed in Argentia 1959 - 1961 is looking for anyone who may have copies of the Foghorn newspapers from 1960. Frank.Braddock@JHSCapital.com

On 17 November 1964 VP-45 lost a P3 out of Argentia, Newfoundland. Does anyone know if there was ever a memorial of some kind put up at Argentia? Please reply to mortusn@yahoo.com

REPLY - Thank you for your much appreciated response to our search for our shipmate John Stacy's memorial. The mystery has been solved. His memorial marker was located in the Arlington National Cemetery. There are areas in the cemetery that are not suitable for in ground burial that are reserved for markers for those whose remains are nonexistent for what ever reason. This is the case for John. Thanks to the cooperation of people like you his marker was located and his family informed.
With our sincere appreciation,
Mort, for our VP-45 association.

 My name is Don Lmbert and I am trying to see if anyone has photos or information of my Uncle Ben Limbert. He was stationed there at Argentia Newfoundland in the US Navy around 4/6/1953. He is the last living realtive on my father's side and we have no pictures or much information about his time there. He does not have much time with us so if by chance there are an pictures or information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. d_limbert@yahoo.com

Kathleen Dietz photos have been uploaded.

Lieutenant Colonel John Doucet, Canadian Forces Retired, passed away 19 June 2013. He was the NavFac Operations Officer from 1977 - 79. http://www.middletonfuneralhome.com/memsol.cgi?user_id=1016829

 C.M. "Shots" Shotwell (EN1, USN Ret), 79 - 82, is looking for any ENs he worked with. tat2fever@yahoo.com

Capt Bob Grant, USN Ret'd, had just released an action/adventure novel called "Salty Dogs" that takes place in Argentia. http://outskirtspress.com/saltydog

Ralph (Buddy) Yelvington Photos 1946 - 1948 click here. His daughter, Vanessa Chandler, would like to hear from anyone who knew her dad. vaychandler@yahoo.com.

Marsha Jones is looking for Stephen McMahon. Contact her at marshastdennis@rogers.com

Michael Foutch, a former Navy Broadcaster in Argentia has upload old Argentia news story videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/michael681999/feed and http://www.youtube.com/user/ArgentiaVideos/videos

Glenn Kopanski YouTube video. Click Here

Atlantic Charter 70th Anniversary Celebrations....Article     Atlantic Charter Foundation Web Site

Thanks to Manny LaPorte we now have copies of the Argentia newspaper "The Foghorn" from 1963. I will be adding a few each week for the next while. Click Here

I found your site while I was looking for old friends from NAS Argentia. My father (Master Chief Paul D. Grimes) was stationed at Argentia from 31 Oct. '62 to 3 Jan. '64. I was in the 7th and 8th grades there at AL Bristol. I saw Manny LaPort's pictures and was sooo happy. I and all my girlfriends were in love with his voice, and we called in requests every Sat. night when he sent out dedications on his "Saturday Night Special" show. Diana Grimes

I have been trying my best to get in touch with some of my crew members that I flew with in VW- 11. Not having much luck. I went to Argentia from Glynco, Ga. in Nov. 1958. I flew with crew 11 from Nov. 1958 til Nov. 1960. I did have a stop of mess cooking at the base hospital for 6 weeks in 1959. Have been leaving messages on different web sites but have only had contact with one crew member that I lived with in the crew room, he is flight electrician, Robert Teichert who is from Mass.

Bert, I would like to see a web site set up where crew members could list the time periods and crew that they flew with. I think there are lots of sailors out there that would like to identify the crew that they flew with.

I enjoyed your web site, especially the pictures of Argentia. I didn't take many pictures and forgot the names of twenty some people I flew with. Now that I'm 72 years old I'm sorry for that. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I went by the nickname of Rip ACW- 3, crew -11 2nd floor. Please add my email to your list.

I didn't realize how dangerous the north Atlantic barrier was until I read about it recently. When you are 19 years old nothing seems to bother you. I do remember several accidents and the G C A landings. I flew almost 2,000 hours with VW- 11 & VW- 15. I was discharged from P River, Md when VW-15 was decommissioned in Apr 1961. I also went to A school in Norman, Okla. & Glynco, Ga.

Bob ( Rip) Carico ACW- 3 rscarico@yahoo.com

►I am looking for ANY information anyone might have on Sam Noonan who would have been in Argentia in 1943. Anything you can provide would be a great help.

Thank you, Tara Penney  hpenney2000@hotmail.com

►LCDR Bud Lichtenstern is looking for an approximate date or month of a crash of a B24 Liberator that possibly occurred around the holidays and during a foggy night in 1953 at Argentia. If you can provide any information please contact LCDR Bud Lichtenstern at budl@score.com

 My dad, Jim Sifnas flew with VW-11 out of Argentia, Newfoundland in the late 1950's. We are trying to locate a relative, though he has likely passed on. He was said to be of nordic decent, and about 40 back in 1959 out at Ft. Peperall, St. John's Newfoundland. His name was George McKenzie. I was on the global list for VW-11, but lost the link. It must have been a pretty small group back then so even though George might have been army, I imagine somebody must have known him from various "off-duty" activities in St. John's.   I have 23 years in the US army and still have a line of many of my old buddies so I am guessing it is still the same with the old VW crews. I published a 7-page article called "Barrier Force Atlantic" a few years back so know a lot about the mission. I am from Boston, but am right now up in Newfoundland. Any help would be great at ---  william.sifnas@us.army.mil



Joe Reeves (62 - 63) checked in and shares his travel log on their trip to Argentia in 2003 at http://www.joesue.com/Trav2003/OnRd0330.htm

Looking For Jack Burke - My mother is looking for information about a Lt Jack Burke US Navy who was stationed at Argentia in the late 50's and 60's. The last address she has for him is in Medford New Jersey. If there is any way or any one that can help , please e-mail me. dewling@telus.net  Joan Dewling.

The Argentia Management Authority (AMA) are trying to bring the story of the 282 Coastal Battery Guns to life as you can see if you review their Tourism Argentia link on the main page

I would really like to hear from anyone stationed there around 1954 who might have known my father, Robert Sannes or my mother Avanel Sannes.  My dad died in an accident driving a caterpillar while clearing some property in Seattle WA in 1955 so I never had a chance to really know him.

Joan Gray  Joanio@Live.com

Looking for some info on my wife's father. He is said to have been station in Argentia NL in 83-84, His name was S. Lopez. Steve is what we believe the name to be. Any information you may have would be great.
 Thanks.   Allan allanbralph@hotmail.com

Bill Dakermann has added photos of Camp Jubilee. Photos

 I am looking for some info or pictures of my father (Clarence Costello). We think he was with the U.S. Naval Station until Nov 24, 1969. If you have any info or pictures please send it to me at  joshpowell90@hotmail.com   Thanks Josh

 My name is David Kennedy and I'm looking for my grandfather that was based in Argentia Newfoundland. I don't know to much about him. My grandmother only told me only his name before she passed in 1998. His name is James Saunders  and he was based there around 1959 ( that is when my mother was born) I was told he was from Washington. If any one knows any information on my grandfather or if any one knows some other means in which I can locate him can you please email me to newfound_adventure@hotmail.ca 
Thank you 

We are trying to locate a man named Marshall or Mark Treffrey(Treffry) he was stationed in Argentia in 72-73.  Do you have any information regarding him? Cheryl-Anne  at summersby5@yahoo.ca

Ted Webb, 59 - 61, remembers that comedian Bill Cosby was a roommate in his sleeping quarters at the hospital.  Bill was a dental tech. See Ted's comments.

Bob Cockerel, 61 - 63  is looking for a shipmate that worked in the Post Office and believes his name is Don Craig but not too sure of the last name or spelling (Craiger or Craigor).    He was in the old barracks and played poker every weekend. Any information on Don would be appreciated. Contact Bob at cockerelrma@yahoo.com

 From Quentin Pfutzenreuter - "Panoramic Photo of Naval Station Argentia" by Randy Brennan. The panoramic view appears to be fairly current. I recognized the former Mess Hall/Windjammer Club and the Bristol School. If anyone is interested in viewing the photo the web site is: www.panoramio.com/photo/1444668

 I am searching for info about Paul Johnson based in Newfoundland from March 1964 - May 23, 1966.  He was stationed as a sonar man at the U.S. Naval Facility in Argentia. I would like to hear of any stories from his service days from those who knew him.  I am related to Paul and he died at such an early age that any info would be helpful about his time served.   

Thank you ,
Holly Johnson Connell

Hi Bert, I was hoping you might post this on your site.  Perhaps this story will stir up some memories in the people who were in Argentia, Newfoundland during the 1965-1967??? Era.   My father Paul Albin Johnson (hometown:  Norwood, MA) served in the Navy during this period.  While in Argentia he fathered a son with, I believe, a local gal.  This boy, now man, is my half-brother.  I would love to find him and could use some help from the men and women that knew my Dad or have access to some birth records.  Paul died of cancer in December of 1970, three weeks before I was born in January of 1971.  Since I didnít have a chance to meet him, I would also just like to hear some stories about him.  Thank you to all that may be able to help. 

Paulís daughter, Andrea   email:  Andee5599@comcast.net

Charlene Craig, one of the three Navy Photographers in 1980 is looking for a copy of the 1980 Cruise Book. If anyone has one they could part with please contact Charlene at ccraig@nysar.com

I am looking for info on a metal badge I found while living in Argentia and would like to know what years it would of been in use. I acutally have two of them that I found this one is numbered 357. To see photo of badge click here

Don Reid padona@mts.net

I recently bought an ash tray at auction.  It is all brass and appears to be trench art.  It is large and very thick.  It has the U. S. Navy shield in brass in the bottom in raised relief.  It has the following words around the edge.  ARGENTIA NFLD    1943    ANNE OKEEFE.  If anyone has any additional information please contact Larry Little at lllcubed03@comcast.net  To see photo of the ashtray click here.

Argentia alumni, Glenn Kopanski, to be awarded he National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of the Year award for the state of Texas.......story

I am looking for my birth father who was stationed at the Argentia Naval base during 1967. His name is Eugene Moss and he was African-American from East Prairie (?) Missouri.  I am one of a set of twin girls born in St. Johnís , Newfoundland in June 1968 and was given  this information by my birth mother. I understand that there was some contact with paternal grandparents after our birth but that further contact and contact information was not maintained. I would greatly appreciate a reply from anyone who knew this gentleman or who knows where I may be able to find additional information about service personnel who were stationed on the base.

Thank you, Kelly Morgan kmorgan@livyer.com

Walter Brown is trying to locate a Ken Kalish who was stationed at Argentia in the mid to late 70's.

They were good friends and at one time he operated the radio station at Argentia. Walter is at ewb@persona.ca

 Tim Herman was stationed in Argentia from Aug 1975-June 1979, Nov 1983-Jan 1987 and Oct 1990-June 1994 for a total of 132 months or exactly 11 years.  He made every promotion in the Navy (He retired as a Senior Chief) except for 1ST Class in Argentia.  He thinks he served there longer than any US serviceman. Has anyone been stationed there longer?

ATTENTION - George Aster. Please update your email address. Dick Safirstein is trying to contact you.....

 Check out the website http://www.argentia.org/  The site was designed as a permanent resource to correct the much misinformation about Argentia's history that was published in the early 1990s.  The section "Postings" changes every week and covers various aspects of Argentia's Colonial and American history.  Nobody knows what will show up on that section of the site or when.  It has some very interesting information and photos.

Elaine Holden

- Ron Miller at medic6613@aol.com is looking for any Argentia crests/patches or other memorabilia.
- Mike Makar is looking for information on Greenpine in Argentia. Check the comments page for details.

- I am a lapel pin collector (approx 1500) and a native of Placentia, with Argentia ties.  I would like to start a collection of pins from ex-service people who at some time were stationed at Argentia. Any pins of state, county or city in which you live. Jim Bishop at  jimbishop@nf.sympatico.ca

Chuck Schoen, 1942 - 44 has checked in and holds the record of the earliest to serve at Argentia.



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