Robert Schmid Photos
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Note the “grooming standard”. I had been out of the navy about a month when this was taken. I hung around NFLD for a couple months, doing odd dive jobs, hanging out, exploring

At the Morgan Star pier, posing before the plunge! Tom Corbin, Robert Schmid and “Kaz” Eddie Kazzel

This was base security, driving down to the T-building in the midst of one of those famous “white-out blizzard/ ice storms”. The driver stopped when it started getting bumpy!!!

Drinking from the Trophy Cup! Robert Schmid, one of the Whittle boys, and Frank Lannon. If you won, and we did in 79, you got to “drink from the cup”!!!

Don Patterson STG (CAF), Schmid OT2, Castleman OT2 at a base-wide personal inspection.


An on base Halloween party where Walter Regan DT and John Williams dressed as “body guard” and “sheik”! They looked the parts well!!!

a collection of meerschaum clay pipes and steams I found while diving in NFLD

“Corbin Lobster” was taken at the Morgan Star pier where we caught this giant lobster

Capt Pebbles at my E-5 rank making ceremony, fall 78

“Boat In St Johns by JohnWilliams” was a picture John Williams (who has pictures on your web site) took for a photo contest on base. (I did darkroom work and John gave me a copy of this picture).

Another photo by John Williams, also part of the photo contest

79 Rowing Team members; Frank Lannon (coxswain) Don Patterson (CAF), Robert Schmid, Jerry Gilles, Dennis Miller, Alex Wilhelm, Chris Wickel.