1962 - 1964

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On the advancement in rate group Commanding Officer, LCDR W. W. Patterson is
on the left and Executive Officer, LT J. G. Gahafer is on the right. Top
row enlisted left to right are: 10th Kendall, 13th Warren(?), 15th Calkins,
17th Carpenter, 18th Sheppman. Bottom row: Nary a soul.

ORI personnel inspection: Captain ? (COSL?) Watch Section 2, Calkins (LPO
& KSW), Palmer (plotter), and Purcell (KDW). I wasn't getting a medal or
anything. My ID had crept up in my pocket - but it made a good picture. We
did win the "Big E" in '63 with Section 2 carrying the dreaded day watch.

Argentia Port from the Barracks

On Drummer's Pond 01 Carpenter & Kendall