NEW - Thanks to Manny LaPorte we now have copies of the Argentia newspaper "The Foghorn" from 1963. I will be adding a few each week for the next while. Click Here

I found your site while I was looking for old friends from NAS Argentia. My father (Master Chief Paul D. Grimes) was stationed at Argentia from 31 Oct. '62 to 3 Jan. '64. I was in the 7th and 8th grades there at ALBristol. I saw Manny LaPort's pictures and was sooo happy. I and all my girlfriends were in love with his voice, and we called in requests every Sat. night when he sent out dedications on his "Saturday Night Special" show. Diana Grimes

I have been trying my best to get in touch with some of my crew members that I flew with in VW- 11. Not having much luck. I went to Argentia from Glynco, Ga. in Nov. 1958. I flew with crew 11 from Nov. 1958 til Nov. 1960. I did have a stop of mess cooking at the base hospital for 6 weeks in 1959. Have been leaving messages on different web sites but have only had contact with one crew member that I lived with in the crew room, he is flight electrician, Robert Teichert who is from Mass.

Bert, I would like to see a web site set up where crew members could list the time periods and crew that they flew with. I think there are lots of sailors out there that would like to identify the crew that they flew with.

I enjoyed your web site, especially the pictures of Argentia. I didn't take many pictures and forgot the names of twenty some people I flew with. Now that I'm 72 years old I'm sorry for that. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I went by the nickname of Rip ACW- 3, crew -11 2nd floor. Please add my email to your list.

I didn't realize how dangerous the north Atlantic barrier was until I read about it recently. When you are 19 years old nothing seems to bother you. I do remember several accidents and the G C A landings. I flew almost 2,000 hours with VW- 11 & VW- 15. I was discharged from P River, Md when VW-15 was decommisioned in Apr 1961. I also went to A school in Norman, Okla. & Glynco, Ga.

Bob ( Rip) Carico ACW- 3

I am looking for ANY information anyone might have on Sam Noonan who would have been in Argentia in 1943. Anything you can provide would be a great help.

Thank you,
Tara Penney

 Manny LaPort photos now being uploaded.

LCDR Bud Lichtenstern is looking for an approximate date or month of a crash of a B24 Liberator that possibly occurred around the holidays and during a foggy night in 1953 at Argentia. If you can provide any information please contact LCDR Bud Lichtenstern at

 My dad, Jim Sifnas flew with VW-11 out of Argentia, Newfoundland in the late 1950's. We are trying to locate a relative, though he has likely passed on. He was said to be of nordic decent, and about 40 back in 1959 out at Ft. Peperall, St. John's Newfoundland. His name was George McKenzie. I was on the global list for VW-11, but lost the link. It must have been a pretty small group back then so even though George might have been army, I imagine somebody must have known him from various "off-duty" activities in St. John's.   I have 23 years in the US army and still have a line of many of my old buddies so I am guessing it is still the same with the old VW crews.I published a 7-page article called "Barrier Force Atlantic" a few years back so know a lot about the mission. I am from Boston, but am right now up in Newfoundland. Any help would be great at ---

If you cannot be of help, please send me the VW-11 e-mail list if you have it. There were many guys on the list and I'm thinking someone must have known George McKenzie from 1959.

BTW, my 1990's research indicated the BU number on the super connie out at Rantoul was originally a VW-13 ship.

 Rob Schmid's photos from the late 70s...view

Russ Burkhard has provided some unique photos including items from his Argentia postal history collection....view

I'd like to contact Jim and Dorrie Smeltzer. Jim and Dorrie were married around June of 1974 in the Catholic church in Placentia. The reception was at the Lodge at Northeast Arms. Jim was a personnelman (PN) and worked in Admin in Miami Hangar. Later, he worked in the Chaplin's Office.

Thanks for any info
Russ Burkhard

I'm looking for anyone who may have known my father, Chesley Pearce.  He was postmaster at the old Post Office/Railway Station on "the neck", from approx. 1945 until his death in 1960.  Also, I would love to see a picture of that old building!
Regards, Wayne Pearce   

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